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Fortnite update adds new shotgun and Steady Storm LTM

All hands to the pumps.

It's time for a big new Fortnite update, which means we'll soon be back on the Fortnite merry-go-round of Epic introducing and nerfing new weapons following community complaints.

This week, it's all about the shotguns again, as Epic has announced in its v5.20 patch notes a new double-barrel shotgun has arrived. This apparently "packs a punch with each of its two shots," and like most shotguns, will be "devastating at close range" but less effective at distance. The gun can only be found as epic and legendary loot, meaning it should be fairly rare in the game. If you want to see the full specs, make sure to check out Eurogamer's Fortnite weapons guide.

Meanwhile, a new LTM (Limited Time Mode) has also been added, which goes by the name of "Steady Storm". Beyond sounding like something Theresa May would say, the mode will feature a gradually-moving storm that closes in over 15 minutes. Players will need to keep an eye on the map, as the storm "waits for no player and there are no safe zones". Relaxing stuff.

It also seems Epic has brought in a number of bugfixes to try and solve that pesky ghost-peeking issue which seems unable to vanish from the game. Ghost-peeking, if you missed it, is the phenomenon where a crouching player can fire over cover without being seen by the target. Epic addressed the problem in the last patch, but apparently some more tweaks were still required. The weapon fire position will now "more closely follow the actual player position when crouching and un-crouching".

Finally, and most importantly, Epic has also added honking to the ATKs (all-terrain karts). Now you can announce your arrival into Tilted in style. Unfortunately, there's still no word on the shopping carts, which are temporarily disabled due to a bug.

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