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Fortnite temporarily removes building from its new season

"All battle, no building."

Epic Games has dropped details of Fortnite's new Chapter 3 Season 2, which includes the surprising news that it has temporarily removed building from the battle royale's main mode.

As part of the new Resistance season - which goes live later today - "building has been wiped out!", Epic says.

"To help maintain cover, you now have an Overshield on top of your Shield and Health. The Overshield is your first line of defense: before your Shield and Health take a hit, it's your Overshield that'll crack. Your Overshield will still recover if it goes all the way down to 0."

Cover image for YouTube videoFortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance Story Trailer

A new loading screen gives us a little more context.

"All Battle, No building," the text says. "Building has been wiped out. It's up to the Resistance to get it back. Jump in with your squad and help The Seven uncover the Imagined Orders nefarious plan."

Don't panic if you play arena or competitive playlists, by the way - they will be unaffected by the building ban.

As for what else is new? The new Battle Pass unlocks Doctor Strange, as well as characters like Tsuki 2.0, Gunnar, and The Origin. There's also two new weapons up for grabs, too; the "power-packed" Combat SMG, the red-dot Striker Burst Rifle, and a bunch of unvaulted goodies, too.

There's also been a buff to your agility - players can now "move at a new, faster default movement speed" and "sprint even faster for short bursts", as well as the ability to mantle up onto ledges now, too.

"Gaining the high ground has always been key to winning a battle," Epix explains. "And fortunately, where your feet fail, your hands will now help you out. If a surface is just a little too high for your jump - or a platform just a little too far for your landing - your hands can come into play and pull you up!"

ICYMI, Epic Games has confirmed that from today, 20th March, until 3rd April, all its Fortnite proceeds will be donated to "humanitarian relief for people affected by the war in Ukraine".

In partnership with Xbox - which is also "committing [its] proceeds for Fortnite during this time" - the drive hopes to generate funds for relief organisations that provide emergency aid, health support, food and clean water, essential supplies, legal aid, and shelter.