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How to secure data from Forecast Towers in Fortnite

Gain some valuable intel.

Secure data from Forecast Towers is a challenge that's been added to Fortnite as part of the new season.

Fortnite just added Forcast Towers as part of Chapter 4 Season 4. This season is a heist themed affair called Last Resort.

Here's how to secure data from Forecast Towers in Fortnite, including details on finding Forecast Towers, getting an access card, and what you'll get as a reward.

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How to find Forecast Towers in Fortnite

There are two main ways to find Forecast Towers in Fortnite. The first is simple, just get to a vantage point, and look for them in the distance. They're towers that flash red or green. They're also marked on your map once the first circle closes. You can see this in the image embedded below:

How to secure data from a Forecast Tower in Fortnite

To secure data from a Forecast Tower in Fortnite you will first need to get close to one. This will trigger the boss to spawn in, along with two of his allies. Kill the boss to pick up an Access Card. This can then be placed at the terminal at the base of the tower. Make surer to check the loot dropped by these enemies, as they often drop Briefcase Turrets and even Slurp Juice.

What do Forecast Towers do in Fortnite?

The main reason to activate a Forecast Tower in Fortnite is that they reveal storm circles. This can be extremely useful, allowing you and your team to predict where the final circles are going to be. You can head to these locations and set up defenses, picking off enemies as they come in from the storm.

You'll also complete a current Weekly Quest after securing data from two towers. This will grant you 35K XP, as well as progress towards your Weekly Bonus Goals, which give out 40K XP once you've completed five quests.

Have fun tracking down Forecast Towers in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4!

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