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Fortnite adds PVE to its battle royale for the first time

Battle pus.

Fortnite is adding zombies to battle royale for Halloween - the first non-human enemies you'll need to fight in the mode.

The undead will emerge from new Cube Fragments across the map - with large amounts in corrupted areas and smaller numbers spawned randomly throughout a match.

Defeating zombies - sorry, "Cube Monsters" - will give you loot and shields. See them in action via the new Fortnitemare event trailer below:

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It's the latest development with Kevin, Fortnite's ever-present purple cube, which has now blown up Loot/Leaky Lake's island. (RIP)

Other changes arriving today include a limited-time crossbow weapon, the ability to redeploy gliders, plus new challenges and mini-games in the creative Playground mode.

Rocket launchers will also now shoot pumpkins.

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