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Fire Emblem and loads of indies reduced in the Nintendo Switch Digital Store sale

Fire Emblem expansion pass also reduced by £5!

ShopTo is currently running a Nintendo Switch Digital Store sale, with money off Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Switch Online subscriptions and many standout indie hits.

It may come as no surprise as the game has sold so well, but finding a physical copy of the much-praised Fire Emblem can prove a little difficult right now. Thankfully, that's not an issue for digital codes, and for once you can make a small saving by shirking the box-and-cart approach.

Take yourself over to ShopTo and you'll find Fire Emblem: Three Houses for £39.85. It's not a massive reduction on the usual price of a boxed copy, but with stock so limited, it's a tempting price if you're eager to enrol in Garreg Mach Monastery.

For when you've got a class to teach in the morning and a battle to fight in the afternoon.

What's more, there's an offer for those who have already finished their first playthroughs with either the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions or the Golden Deer. You can get the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass for £17.85. In comparison, the Expansion Pass is £22.49 from Amazon UK.

The first wave of new content has already dropped, with the next pack of battle maps, support items and more scheduled for October 2019. A further two waves are promised by 31st December and 30th April 2020, including new story content, quests, costumes and lots more.

Moving away from the Switch's major releases for a moment, there are also a whole load of indies on offer in the Digital Store sale. A few prices are more appealing than others, but there's a wonderfully diverse selection included. Many of these can be considered modern classics, too, so if there's something you've missed in recent years here's a good chance to get caught up for less. Here are some of the remarkable titles on offer:

Lastly, if your Switch Online subscription has lapsed and you're looking to renew for cheap, you can also get a 12-Month Membership for £14.85. Both 3-Month and Family Memberships are also available at slightly reduced prices.

That's just a selection of everything on offer in the Nintendo Switch Digital Store sale over at ShopTo. It's unclear just how long these deals will be live for, so if there's something you've got your eye on it's better to act fast.

Sticking with more Switch games, it's only a few days until Astral Chain sees release. The well-reviewed latest from Platinum Games is still available to pre-order at Amazon UK and Amazon US should all the critical acclaim sway you towards a purchase.

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