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Far Cry 6's post credits scene features a big surprise

Plus a round up of many other Easter eggs.

Far Cry 6 is out now, and already fans are finding a whole rusty boatload of Easter eggs to other games in the series - plus a couple of other big surprises.

Warning: there may be spoilers ahead.

As in other Far Cry games, there's a secret option to end Far Cry 6 very early - around a couple of hours in when you leave its tutorial island and get given the option to simply set off on a rusty boat into the sunset. Picking this will see protagonist Dani simply give up the fight to go lie on a sunny beach instead.

Eurogamer's resident Far Cry megafan Ian Higton shows this off - including its accompanied secret achievement/trophy - as Easter egg #26 in his roundup below. But wait, there's more - and this is where we really delve into spoiler territory. We'll let you decide whether to watch the video or scroll further...

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A post-credits scene for Far Cry 6 features a character named only as "Smuggler" - this is shown at the very end of the roundup video above as clip #27. This epilogue voiceover is clearly being performed by Michael Mando - AKA Far Cry 3 fan-favourite Vaas Montenegro.

Far Cry 3 memorably killed off Vaas but, as our Ian points out, Far Cry 6 is said to be set in an alternate universe to previous games - meaning Vaas could presumably pop up again?

Vaas is also due back in Far Cry 6's season pass alongside previous villains Pagan Min and Joseph Seed, via three roguelite-inspired episodes said to let players progress "deeper into the depths of the villains' psyches". But rather than a tease for those, this does seem like a setup for a full return...

"As much fun as noodling around Far Cry 6's world is, it's probably wise to bear in mind the words of Far Cry 3's Vaas when he attempted to explain the definition of insanity," Ian wrote yesterday in Eurogamer's Far Cry 6 review. "Insanity, he said, 'is doing the exact same fucking thing, over and over again, expecting shit to change'. I'd say that statement rings true here because, beyond the slide towards one-man army protagonists, shit has definitely not changed."

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