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Far Cry 5 ending choices - how to unlock all alternate and hidden endings

How to see every ending in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 endings continue a tradition of multiple outcomes as part of the modern entries in Ubisoft's open-world shooters.

Though two endings will present themselves in the story naturally, there is one secret Far Cry 5 ending that is easily missed from near the start of the game.

That makes for three endings in total. Right now there's no hint of any more, so don't expect any super secret ending as with Far Cry 4 - unless, of course, Ubisoft has something special up its sleeve.

Be wary of Far Cry 5 story spoilers before you proceed. Otherwise, if you don't mind spoilers of another variety, here are 23 Easter Eggs you may have missed:

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How to find Far Cry 5's secret ending and complete the game in 10 minutes

Like Far Cry 4 before it, it's possible to see the credits of Far Cry 5 within just ten minutes of starting the game.

How? There is a button prompt near the start of the game, where you must arrest Far Cry 5's primary antagonist, The Father.

This is actually a choice, as if you decide to ignore it and wait for a while, you can end the game prematurely and see the credits roll.

Here's how Far Cry 5's secret ending plays out:

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How to find Far Cry 5's other two endings

Play through the story as usual, and you'll eventually have one final encounter with The Father in a mission named 'Where It All Began'.

As part of it you'll face a choice - to Resist or Walk Away. Both of them lead to different endings.

'Resist' is the choice you are 'supposed' to take, but is the 'good' and 'bad' ending is up for debate, as both have pretty dour outcomes whichever you decide.

Watch the 'Resist' ending:

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And the 'Walk Away' ending:

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Of course, if you choose to not watch the endings online and experience them for yourself, you can replay the final mission over and make the other choice to watch it in-game.

Whatever you choose, it's still possible to continue exploring the open world, so don't worry about a point of no return.

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