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Far Cry 5 hunting: All animal locations, including bear, eagle, elk, hare locations

Where to hunt down Far Cry 5's many animals.

Far Cry 5 hunting might have seen crafting split off into its own system, but that's not to say you won't be doing a little recreational slaying is off the cards this time around.

In fact, Hope County plays host to one of the most diverse ecosystems we've ever seen, making it one of the best ways to give your hunting bow a proper workout - which is where knowing animal locations comes in handy.

How hunting and finding animals works in Far Cry 5

Hunting comes with its own set of challenges, requiring you to hunt a specific number of each species. Meeting each respective criteria will net you perk points, which you can spend in the perks menu.

The more you have to spend, the smoother and easier the game becomes. It's a great little feedback loop that will keep you coming back for more.

You can find locations for each species either by collecting magazines scattered throughout Hope County (which automatically add the markers to the map), which you can then sell on without losing the map details.

Or you can find them by exploring the gameworld. Signs, when seen, will add the location of said animal to your map. We also found approaching the blue watchtowers in some of the areas also unlocks these on-map animal symbols.

Far Cry 5 animal locations - where to bear, eagle, elk, hare locations and more

In order to help you complete those hunting challenges, we've compiled a list of all animal locations in alphabetical order.

We've also split off fish into its own list, to help you find Bass, Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon locations easier.

American Black Bear locations

Specific locations:

Bald Eagle locations

Specific locations:

Bison locations

Specific locations:

Caribou locations

Specific locations:

Cougar locations

Specific locations:

Elk locations

Specific locations:

Grey Wolf locations

Specific locations:

Grizzly Bear locations

Specific locations:

Hare locations

Specific locations:

Moose locations

Specific locations:

Pronghorn locations

Specific locations:

Ruffled Goose locations

Skunk locations

Specific locations:

Turkey locations

Specific locations:

Turkey Vulture locations

White Tailed Deer locations

Wild Boar locations

Specific locations:

Wolverine locations

Specific locations:

Looking for more Far Cry 5 guides? Learn how to complete the Arcade Dawn Live Event this week, and when you're back in the campaign, make use of our Prepper Stash locations list, which are among the most interesting missions in the game. As well as Far Cry 5 animal locations, we have an in-depth look at how to fish and hard fishing spots, as well as Bass, Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon locations. All of these can help you unlock Perks in the Challenges List, and ultimately, unlock those Far Cry 5 endings.

Other things you need to know about hunting

As well as the basics - why hunting in Far Cry 5 is important, and how to add locations to your map, unless of course you're following locations as shown above - here are other things you might find useful about the feature:

  • All pelts, skins and fish will be added to your inventory. To sell them, head to any local shop and select 'Sell Loot'.
  • Animal skins will net you cash at any local shop, but killing one with anything other than melee kills or arrows will drastically reduce its value. So pack a hunting bow or a recurve bow, preferably with the best scope you can to improve your range. Also, buy a decent spade from the shop so you have a sturdy melee weapon for up close encounters.
  • Your camera's viewfinder (press 'up' on the D-pad) is also an invaluable tool when hunting. Once you've entered an area that plays home to a certain species (see the maps below for exact locations for all 28 animals/fish in Far Cry 5), intermittently pop out your camera and sweep the immediate area. It can pick up threats hiding in faroff bushes, giving you the chance to plan your attack.
  • You should also fill up on medkits (preferably acquiring the Journey Pack perk as well to ensure you can carry up to five). The Primal Mastery perk (reload and aim bows faster) and Harvest Master perk (double value of animal skins) are also must haves for hunting. Remember, you can't craft these so you'll need to restock at a shop. This perk will also increase the size of your inventory so it's invaluable for a professional hunter.

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