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Far Cry 5 Live Events - Pickup Blowup challenge and rewards explained, and how to start Live Events

How to get started with the latest Live Event in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Live Events give you new challenges to aim for when you're not fishing or ticking off the game's many Prepper Stashes.

Live Events give players a timed objective, and if they individually and collectively as a community beat the target in a week, they receive unique rewards.

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How do Far Cry 5 Live Events work and when do Live Events start?

When you're ready to get started, load up your campaign save, and hit the inventory button - which is the place where you can view the map, sort perks and other things.

Go through the tabs at the top with the shoulder buttons, until you reach Online, which is second from the end.

There you'll see the Live Events tab. Enter and accept, then you'll see the current Live Event and the requirements to finish it, the time remaining, as well as Personal and Community Progression.

Each one has two sets of rewards. Halfway through each you'll receive 50 Silver Bars - a premium currency used to buy store items - and the full completion gives you unique rewards specific to that event, which are usually new weapon or costume unlocks.

When you've unlocked these rewards, head into the Live Events section to collect them.

If you miss a week, don't worry - Ubisoft will be rolling out all rewards in its store at a later date. But if you want early access, then be sure to complete each challenge in time.

Far Cry 5 Live Event reset time

Each Live Event starts at the following times on a Tuesday, and last for one week:

  • UK: 5pm (BST)
  • Europe: 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 12pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 9am (PDT)

What to do if Far Cry 5 Live Events aren't working

Live Events can prove a little temperamental, so be aware of the following:

  • Make sure your game is at the latest version, and you are online before starting the game.
  • You have to manually enroll into each Live Event before progress is counted.
  • During the first week, it took a little while for the Live Events area to actually 'appear' for us, showing a blank screen when you entered from the Online menu. We're not sure how it came online, but it's worth checking in occasionally until it does. Until then, there's a chance your progress towards the Live Event won't count.
If you see this, Live Events aren't working. We recommend coming back later.
  • Though the game will track your progression as it happens, the Live Events page won't. As you can see on the right, there is a 'Next refresh' notice. At launch this was around every two minutes, so it's worth waiting until that counts down before your progress is fully represented.

How to complete Pickup Blowup, Far Cry 5's latest Live Event

Here are details on how to complete the latest Live Event, Pickup Blowup:

Duration: April 24 to May 1

Objective: "Destroy cult trucks with proximity explosives, remote explosives, dynamites, grenades or pipe bombs. Turn those 4x4s into 0x0s!"

Rewards: 1970 Kimberlite ZZT "The Cultbuster" vehicle (15 vehicles destroyed personally), Undercover Cultist outfit (when enough vehicles are destroyed as a community; varies between platforms)

This is a fairly straightforward challenge - you must locate the white trucks that cultists drive around the open world in, and throw one of the game's many explosives - proximity explosives, remote explosives, dynamites, grenades or pipe bombs - at them.

First, make sure you are stocked up by visiting a vendor. You may first need the Black Market perk, found in the Survivalist tree for 6 Perk Points, to unlock many of the listed items however.

When you are ready, be on the look out for some trucks. They are dotted throughout the world as you play, but the easiest way to tick this challenge off the list is to assault an Outpost, and get spotted so an alarm goes off. Doing so calls reinforcements, which calls these trucks to your position.

If you have completed every Outpost in the game and cleared the map of enemies, however, don't fret - you can pause the game, and select 'Outpost Master' to reset every Outpost to be repopulated with enemies again, allowing trucks to re-appear.

Looking for more Far Cry 5 guides? Learn how to complete the Arcade Dawn Live Event this week, and when you're back in the campaign, make use of our Prepper Stash locations list, which are among the most interesting missions in the game. As well as Far Cry 5 animal locations, we have an in-depth look at how to fish and hard fishing spots, as well as Bass, Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon locations. All of these can help you unlock Perks in the Challenges List, and ultimately, unlock those Far Cry 5 endings.

What were previous Far Cry 5 Live Events like?

Though the following have expired, to give you an idea of what Far Cry 5 Live Events are like, here's everything that's happened so far:

Well Done

Duration: April 3rd and April 10th

Objective: "Kill as many animals as you can with fire, but without using molotovs or flamethrowers. Light 'em up and get creative!"

Rewards: 'Flamebearer' Flamethrower (20 animals killed personally), Flamebearer outfit (250,000 animals killed as a community)

To complete this objective, you must kill enemies with fire, but not using conventional methods.

The easiest way to do this is by using flame arrows. To purchase them, you first need the Black Market perk, found in the Survivalist tree for 6 Perk Points. Then, visit an vendor, and get them from Items. You should already have a bow - you simply need to equip it.

Next you need to find animals to hunt. Our animal locations page has locations of every type of animal. The easiest way to do this is simply as you are playing other activities, as you'll come across them naturally as you explore the countryside.

Note it doesn't appear that dogs - particularly those owned by patrolling enemies - don't seem to count towards this challenge, so you're looking for wild creatures only.

Pickup Blowup

Duration: April 10 and April 17

Objective: "Infinite maps, infinite fun! Visit any arcade booth or open the Online menu, and check out the featured maps. Playtime is in minutes!"

Rewards: Arcade-themed Vector (40 minutes personally), Arcade-themed outfit (3 million minutes as a community)

This week's challenge is pretty simple - just play Far Cry Arcade for a total of 40 minutes to unlock a themed weapon.

You can access Arcade mode from the Online area of the in-game menu - the same place where you can check in on your Live Event progress - as well as from the overall main menu for Far Cry 5.

Though the mission objective says Featured maps, our experience suggests any part of Arcade counts. Our recommendation is not only the Featured section for the best maps, but checking out Arcade Hero (tab over with the right bumper on the overall Arcade menu), which gives you a random new level, and double the Arcade experience for being one of the first to try them out. Who knows, you might find something special.

It's a great opportunity to explore the mode if you haven't already, as there's some very creative (and rough but interesting) creations to be found, from original maps to remakes of familiar franchises:

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