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Far Cry 5 Perks: Challenges List, our picks for best Perks and Lieutenants in Far Cry 5 explained

How many Perk points are unlocked for each Challenge, and our pick of the best Perks in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Perks enable you to unlock new abilities, helping you navigate the world easier, survive longer and become more potent in combat.

To unlock Perks, you must unlock Perk Points by unlocking a series of in-game Challenges. Below is a complete Perk Challenge list, as well as our picks of Far Cry 5's Best Perks.

Far Cry 5 Perk Challenge list

How Perks unlock is different compared to previous games in the series. In Far Cry 5, there is a long list of challenges to complete, sorted into four categories - Assault, World, Guns for Hire and Hunting.

Complete a challenge, and you'll earn Perk Points, which can be spent to unlock Perks.

The system essentially rewards players for undertaking a variety of play styles and interests. For example, if you decide to take a look at fishing, then each caught fish gives you a small amount of Perk points.

If you decide to dabble in handguns and melee weapons instead of your trusty sniper rifle for a while, then you'll unlock Perk points that you wouldn't have access to before.

Below is a list of every Perk Challenge in Far Cry 5, sorted into four categories.

Far Cry 5 Assault Challenges:

Assault ChallengesKills requiredPerk Points rewarded
Total Kills1003
Melee Kills101
Handgun Kills102
Shotgun Kills102
SMG Kills102
Assault Rifle Kills402
Sniper Kills102
LMG Kills203
Arrow Kills203
Flamethrower Kills103
Grenade Launcher Kills103
Rocket Launcher Kills103
Grenade Kills152
Dynamite Kills152
Molotov Kills82
Throwing Knife Kills82
Remote Explosive Kills32
Proximity Explosive Kills32
Hit and Run Kills101
Airstrike Kills82
Long Range Kills (150 meters away)54
Saboteur Kills33
Standard Takedown Kills153
Death from Above Kills43
Death from Below Kills23
Chain Takedown Kills53
Pistol Takedown Kills52

Far Cry 5 World Challenges:

WorldNumber requiredPerk Points rewarded
Homeopathics Consumed62
Wingsuit Distance2000m total2
Minutes Spent in Co-op60 minutes3
Civilians Rescued42

Far Cry 5 Guns for Hire Challenges:

Guns for HireKills requiredPerk Points rewarded
Boomer - Total Kills103
Nick Rye - Total Kills52
Grace - Total Kills52
Cheeseburger - Total Kills102
Jess Black - Total Kills52
Hurk - Total Kills52
Peaches - Total Kills103
Adelaide - Total Kills52
Sharky - Total Kills52
Fighters Total Kills33

Far Cry 5 Hunting Challenges:

HuntingNumbers requiredPerk Points rewarded
Deer Skinned11
Pronghorns Kinned11
Elks Skinned22
Caribou Skinned43
Bison Skinned33
Moose Skinned23
Hares Skinned12
Boars Skinned22
Skunks Skinned32
Wolverines Skinned32
Wolves Skinned52
Cougars Skinned43
Black Bears Skinned22
Grizzly Bears Skinned33
Turkeys Skinned22
Eagles Skinned33
Kokanees Caught11
Artic Graylings Caught11
Golden Trout Caught11
Rock Bass Caught11
Smallmouths Caught11
Largemouths Caught11
Bull Trout Caught11
Lake Trout Caught11
Rainbow Trout Caught11
Chinooks Caught11
Pallid Sturgeons Caught13
Pladdlefish Caught13
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The best perks in Far Cry 5

Though you could argue there are no definitive 'best' Perks in the game - you should opt for those that suit your playstyle - some are undoubtedly more useful than others.

  • Fisher King - Fish will tire more quickly, unlocks new types of flies for catching heavier fish (4 cost). Fishing is one of the more interesting activities in the game, and a source of further Perk points through completing challenges, so this is worth investing in before you start visiting any fishing spots.
  • Harvest Master - Double your loot reward from plants and animals. (8 cost) Though it has a high cost, the sooner you get this, the more money you will earn. Pretty much essential.
  • Black Market - Craft remote explosives, proximity explosives, molotovs, pipe bombs, sticky upgrades and special ammo from all shops. (6 cost) This makes it easier to create more powerful and interesting armaments, and access them across the map.
  • Grapple - Unlocks the grapple tool in specific points in the world. (1 cost) This is very cheap and will you scale the world easier in certain places.
  • Locksmith - Unlock safes and doors that don't require a keycard. (6 cost) This is particularly helpful when exploring buildings and outposts, in turn allowing you to find more loot and get more cash. There's nothing more frustrating than a locked door!
  • Journey Pack - Carry more items, including up to 5 medkits. (7 cost) This isn't cheap, but the ability to carry more medkits alone will be well worth it.
  • Leadership - Hire two Guns for Hire at once in single player. (6 cost) This essentially doubles your backup firepower, making firefights more manageable.
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Meanwhile, if you're looking to get deep into Far Cry 5 Arcade, there are a handful of Perks unlocked in Far Cry 5's campaign that have benefits in Arcade, too. These are:

  • Human Fish - Swim faster and hold your breath under water longer. (1 cost)
  • King of the Jungle - Reduced animal attack damage. Predators (except judges) priortise nearby enemies over you, and prey animals flee less. (6 cost)
  • Kick-ass Binoculars - Your binoculars tag enemies and animals through walls and other solid objects. (7 cost)
  • Vehicle Buster - Bullets will do more damage to vehicles (armour piece will work best). (7 cost)
  • Heavy Weapons Mastery - LMGs, launchers and flamethowers reload, aim and switch faster, and sway and bullet spread are all reduced. (6 cost)
  • Auto Repair - All vehicles you drive repair themselves automatically. (6 cost)
  • Rifle Mastery - Rifles and Sniper Rifles reload, aim and switch faster, and sway and bullet spread are all reduced. (7 cost)
  • Saboteur - You can blow up vehicles on a 10-second timer by approaching their hood. (7 cost)
  • Booby Trap - Make a vehicle explode on its next collision once you've tinkered with the hood. (7 cost)
  • Sneaky Sprint - Move much faster while staying crouched. (4 cost)
  • Primal Mastery - Bows and slingshots aim and switch faster. (6 cost)
  • Close Combat Mastery - Melee weapons are more study while handguns reload, aim and switch faster, and sway and bullet spread are all reduced. (6 cost)
  • Throwback - Throw back grenades and dynamite. (7 cost)
  • Ghost - Falling damage is reduced, and you will also make less noise when walking, sprinting and falling. (7 cost)
  • Close Combat Gear Bag - Carry more handgun ammo and melee weapons at once. (1 cost)
  • Tactical Ammo Bag - Carry more SMG and shotgun ammo at once. (8 cost)
  • Quiver - Carry more arrows of every type. (8 cost)
  • Rifle Ammo Bag - Carry more .50cal and rifle ammo. (9 cost)
  • Throwables Bag - Carry more explosives, throwing knives and bait in your possession. (9 cost)
  • Special Ammo Bag - Carry more special rocket launcher ammo, incendiary and armour piecing rounds. (9 cost)
  • Heavy Ammo Bag - Carry more LMG, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenade launcher ammo. (9 cost)
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Looking for more Far Cry 5 guides? Learn how to complete the Arcade Dawn Live Event this week, and when you're back in the campaign, make use of our Prepper Stash locations list, which are among the most interesting missions in the game. As well as Far Cry 5 animal locations, we have an in-depth look at how to fish and hard fishing spots, as well as Bass, Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon locations. All of these can help you unlock Perks in the Challenges List, and ultimately, unlock those Far Cry 5 endings.

What is a lieutenant in Far Cry 5 and what Perk does it help unlock?

If you've been scanning through the Perks list, you'll notice there is one - Weapons Collector, allowing you to equip a fourth weapon on any type - that requires a 'defeated Lieutenant' before it's unlocked.

A Lieutenant is one of the game's three sub-bosses that rule the three main regions of the game. They are:

  • John (Holland Valley)
  • Jacob (Whitetail Mountains)
  • Faith (Henbane River)

Defeat one of these, and the requirement will be available for purchase. Note you also need to unlock the prior Perk to Weapons Collector - Additional Holster - in order for it to be unlocked.

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