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Forget GoldenEye, someone made a Greggs in Far Cry 5

How the sausage is made.

Modders do incredible things with the video games we love. They build expansion-sized add-ons, issue performance fixes, and come up with the weird and wonderful to extend the life of games long since left behind by their original creators.

And then there's this, a Greggs in Far Cry 5.

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Edinburgh-based artist Mojo Swoptops recreated our nation's sandwich shop in fine detail. It's got a Greggs-looking counter flanked not by fridges stuffed with sparsely-filled sandwiches but shelving units packed with fruit. The Greggs sign is pretty close, though.

According to Mojo Swoptops, Greggs took three hours to build in Far Cry 5, which is three hours they'll never get back.

The video below shows Mojo Swoptops creating the thing.

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I'm afraid to report I've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole in Mojo Swoptops' YouTube channel. Here's a Tesco car park in Far Cry 5 (yes, it's on fire):

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Here's the entire Friends TV set in Far Cry 5 (yes, Mojo Swoptops beats the cast up):

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And here's the Home Alone house:

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This week, one Far Cry 5 creator's GoldenEye levels were pulled offline after Ubisoft received a takedown request. I doubt Greggs will be fussed by this though.

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