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Fans think Destiny 2 bug points to Dreadnought return

UPDATE: "This is a bug."

UPDATE 17/10/18: Bungie has labelled the Dreadnought's appearance in Destiny as simply a "bug", dampening hopes the area was on its way back to the series.

In a post on Twitter, Bungie community manager dmg04 stated the issue would be fixed soon.

But as speculation over one former Destiny destination fades, firm evidence pointing towards the return of another has popped up. Newly-leaked files reveal a certain other Destiny 1 area due to star in a special mission next week for the latter half of the ongoing Festival of the Lost Halloween event.

ORIGINAL STORY 16/10/18: Destiny 2 has a new bug where you sometimes see loading screens with visuals and music for the series' Dreadnought ship. The only problem? The Dreadnought is not supposed to be in Destiny 2.

Introduced in Destiny 1 expansion The Taken King, the Dreadnought is a fan-favourite location, a hulking alien battle cruiser once home to Hive god Oryx. (He's dead now.)

So what's it doing in Destiny 2? Fans aren't certain, but its sudden appearance via this new bug points to it returning for Bungie's sequel. At the very least, this bug has not been seen before - suggesting the files for the Dreadnought are a new inclusion.

As of Destiny 2's latest update, the Dreadnought loading animations and music can sometimes play when loading a daily heroic adventure, fans reported on reddit. Here's footage of this in action:

Canonically there's nothing stopping the Dreadnought making a comeback - you get a glimpse of the ship still parked outside Saturn in the final custscene of Destiny 2's main campaign. Lore-wise, there are plenty of good reasons for us to revisit Oryx's former home, too. Latest expansion Forsaken deals heavily with the Taken army, and the fate of the Reef's Queen after her fight with Oryx.

But, of course, this could all really just be a bug. Bungie included plenty of unused files in Destiny 2 from early versions of the game - including references to other Destiny 1 locations, none of which have made a return so far.

We've asked Bungie for comment in case they wish to shed some Light on the issue.