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Destiny 2 PC datamined, DLC details unearthed

Hints at new and returning locations, upcoming events, more.

Destiny 2's PC version has been available less than 24 hours and already it has been datamined.

Currently-unused dialogue lines discovered in the game files and posted on reddit point to Destiny 2's upcoming DLCs, plus returning and new locations, in-game events and characters.

Destiny 2 will visit Mercury in its first DLC.

Destiny 2's upcoming Mercury-themed DLC, due in December, is repeatedly referenced in lines presumably recorded to be used within the expansion.

There are references to the return of mysterious Warlock Osiris, Mercury's Lighthouse location from Destiny 1 and Rise of Iron character Shiro, spoken by Cayde and Saladin.

Next year's Rasputin-themed Warmind DLC is similarly referenced in further dialogue from Saladin.

While these dialogue lines are for content we know is coming, there is much more which could relate to either upcoming expansions or abandoned ideas.

There are dozens and dozens of voice lines relating to side-missions based on Destiny 1's locations, including Earth's Cosmodrome, the Moon's Hellmouth, Mars, Venus, Phobos, the Reef and the Dreadnaught.

Some of this dialogue references the appearance of Destiny 2's Red Legion faction, suggesting these locations may one day reappear for Destiny 2.

Destiny 1 arena activity the Prison of Elders is referenced, along with familiar in-game events such as Crimson Days, The Dawning, and Festival of the Lost (which is definitely not happening this year).

More ambiguous still are references to two locations not visited in Destiny 2 - Jovian moon Ganymede and a mysterious place known as The Myriad.

Leaks during the game's development suggested place names were in flux until late into the project. Indeed, Destiny 2 shipped with at least one reference suggesting Myriad was an earlier name for Nessus (via a location-based perk on a Ghost shell). So it may be Ganymede and The Myriad simply evolved into the Io and Nessus in the final game.

Lastly, there are lines of dialogue for plot points not present in the game at all which do not sound like they belong in any future DLC.

One dialogue line from Ikora references the "House of Dusk" as a new Fallen group which worships The Darkness. Seeing as Destiny 2's epilogue scene references The Darkness, this could be a story idea pushed back to a later expansion.

Several lines of dialogue reference Cayde dying - an event which does not occur at any point. Destiny 2's story was reportedly rebooted during development - some of this dialogue may well date to an earlier version of the story.

Bungie has yet to comment on the leak.

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