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Fans leave touching in-game tributes to Fallout 76 lead designer Eric "Ferret" Baudoin

"Thanks isn't enough."

Earlier this week, former Fallout 76 project lead Jeff Gardiner announced that Bethesda designer Eric "Ferret" Baudoin had sadly passed away.

Now, as a touching tribute to the designer's work and legacy, many fans have taken to Fallout 76 to express their sorrow at his passing, and to bid him farewell.

Sharing on Twitter using the hashtag "ThanksFerret", fans have created in-game homages to Baudoin.

"[Thanks Ferret] for all the joy you have brought me and my family through your work. May peace and comfort embrace those you leave behind," wrote one, with a sign etched with the words "Forever Ferret Baudoin" on it.

Another went on to thank Baudoin for everything he did for the "Fallout Franchise and [its] community", noting the designer will be missed.

The Crawling Chaos echoed this feeling, and expressed their appreciation for Baudoin's work.

One fan cleared an area in their C.A.M.P especially for their memorial, adding that Baudoin had been a part of a game that had provided them with "so many joyous hours".

"Long live your memory and thanks for all the fun," they wrote.

One Fallout 76 player reflected on the game's community further, stating that simply thanking Baudoin for his work "isn't enough".

"[Fallout 76] gave me a chance to make friends, a struggle that autism always made hard for me. It gave me a family. It got me through homelessness and chronic illness. It gave me a home," they shared.

As well as Fallout 76, Baudoin's other work included Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

In a Facebook page set up to raise money for Baudoin's children to go to college, he was described as a "devoted husband, father, brother, and son", and someone that "loved real life as much as games."