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Fan-made Final Fantasy 14 VR mod in the works

A view reborn.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker
Image credit: Square Enix

A fan-made VR mod for Final Fantasy 14 will have an alpha release "soon".

The mod comes courtesy of modders Marulu and Streetrat, who previously worked on a Half Life 2 VR mod.

The mod for Final Fantasy 14 will support both first and third person, motion controls, and more.

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Marulu wrote in the Flat2VR Discord server that the first-person mod is largely experimental, reports PCGamer.

With all the magical effects and environmental hazards, a first-person view would be incredibly disorientating, so third-person mode is the way to go.

Still, that offers an amazing view of the action, with the UI overlaid on the action as head tilts control the camera.

Controller users will have an advantage too as mouse and keyboard won't be supported due to a misalignment with the cursor and the VR UI. Keybinds will be a necessity.

The alpha release of the mod will have a controller profile for the Valve Index - other controllers are supported but button mapping will need to be done manually.

You'll need a powerful PC setup to get it all running though. Moreover, Square Enix isn't fond of players using mods so you'll need to use a custom launcher.

That said, this is an impressive way to immerse yourself in the world of Eorzea.