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Fallout TV series "sneak peek" leaks online following Gamescom Starfield presentation

And it's coming in 2024.

An image of a Fallout-themed black and white TV test card reading, "Please stand by".
Image credit: Bethesda/Amazon

Starfield might be hogging the spotlight right now, but that doesn't mean Bethesda has forgotten about its other babies; Fallout - or more specifically its upcoming live-action TV adaptation - is, for instance, having a bit of a moment right now following a brief Gamescom showing and confirmation from Amazon that it's launching in 2024.

Amazon first announced it was adapting Fallout for its Prime Video streaming service back in the summer of 2020, and since then, we've had ample casting news, on-set photos (official and otherwise), but nothing in the way of a trailer.

That's now (sort of) changed courtesy of a Starfield presentation held at Gamescom today. Amid the space RPG's strictly hands-off showing, designer Todd Howard slipped in what he called a "sneak peek" at Amazon's upcoming Fallout show.

Thank you leakers and friends!Watch on YouTube

In real terms, that consisted of approximately one minute of footage Howard said wouldn't be officially shared online - but, naturally, that hasn't stopped multiple attendees from recording the teaser and slapping it all over the internet for everyone else's viewing pleasure.

In truth, the less-than-stellar quality makes things a little hard to make out, but we do get a few shots from inside a vault, some post-apocalyptic wasteland, a couple of ghouls, a splash of T-45 power armour, and a whole lot of nukes, as you can see above.

In tandem with today's reveal, Amazon took to social media with a few details of its own, confirming Fallout's TV adaptation will be set in Los Angeles and its Vault 33. We also now know the series definitely won't be with us until sometime in 2024, which means all eyes can now safely return to Starfield, which launches for PC and Xbox Series X/S on 6th September.

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