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Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea quest walkthrough

How to complete The Glowing Sea quest in Fallout 4.

A screenshot of The Glowing Sea from Fallout 4, showing a monster traversing an irradiated wasteland
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The Glowing Sea is the next main quest in Fallout 4 after you complete Dangerous Minds. You've met Doctor Amari, and she's set you on a quest to find Virgil, who's hiding out in The Glowing Sea.

Before you get to The Glowing Sea, however, you'll need to prepare yourself by finding a radiation suit, or better yet - retrieving your Power Armour. To learn how to complete this quest, follow our The Glowing Sea walkthrough for Fallout 4 guide below.

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The Glowing Sea walkthrough for Fallout 4

Before you leave Doctor Amari's office and embark on the next stage of your adventure, loot the room for medical supplies. Grab the RobCo Fun magazine on the table to the west - adding the Grognak the Barbarian holotape game to your inventory - then leave the area.

Make your way upstairs and, once you emerge back out on stage, climb the steps directly ahead. Enter the room on the left and hack Irma's terminal to find out more about her clients. Next, raid the First Aid box in the adjacent room then return to the stage below.

Talk to Nick Valentine

Join Valentine by the doorway to the north and engage him in conversation. You'll notice a change in his tone - so ask about Kellogg and see if he has any ideas about tackling The Glowing Sea. Finally, decide if you want Nick's company as you search for Virgil - we'll be taking him with us, so consider doing the same. Once Nick gets to his feet, he'll ask if you're okay - wrap up the conversation then prepare to leave.

When you're done, exit the Memory Den and return to the street. The Glowing Sea lies a fair distance to the south-west of your current position, so you've got a long journey ahead of you. Before you set off on your travels, however, you'll need to ensure that you're suitably prepared for the radioactive perils that await you.

Get the hazmat suit

You've already acquired a reasonable selection of meds from Doctor Amari's office so, next, you'll need to find a decent hazmat suit. Luckily, there's a store in Diamond City that can help - so open your map, fast travel back to Diamond City Market, then locate Fallon's, directly west of the Power Noodles bar.

Head down the steps and enter the building through the red door at the end. Inside, approach the woman behind the counter and assure her that you're not a thief. Next, select the barter option and scroll down the list until you spot the hazmat suit. With a radiation damage resistance of 1000, it's exactly what you need.

If you've got cash on you, select the suit and confirm the trade immediately - otherwise you'll need to increase your funds before you can continue. When the suit is yours, leave the store, open your map and fast travel to Fort Hagen.

Journey to The Glowing Sea

On arrival, follow the road to the south until it disappears beneath the undergrowth. Step out into the wilderness and begin travelling south-east across the undulating landscape, using the objective marker as a guide. From this point on, keep watch for hostiles and deal with them swiftly. Eventually, you'll pass beneath the remains of the Mass Pike Interchange, marking the mid-point of your lengthy on-foot trek.

From the interchange, head directly south until you reach the edge of the lake. Take a left, keeping the water close on your right-hand side, and continue forward, moving south-east in the direction of the objective marker. Once you spy the glowing pool of water to the right - the Mass Fusion Disposal Site - head east and join the road a short distance away.

Stay on the road and continue south-east, moving directly toward the objective marker. Soon, you'll find yourself beneath the overpass again. Before continuing, open your Pip-Boy and equip your newly-acquired hazmat suit. When you're suitably attired, leave the road and head south, following the overpass as it runs across the wilderness.

Before long, you'll reach a portion of the overpass that's tumbled back to earth - and find yourself on the outskirts of The Glowing Sea. Almost immediately, you'll hear the familiar click of your geiger counter - and see your rad level begin to rise. Your hazmat suit won't completely protect you from the radiation in the area, but you'll suffer minimal damage.

When you're ready to continue, start moving south-west toward the illuminated lights on the horizon. Soon the air will grow thick and yellow, and pools of highly-radioactive sludge will begin forming underfoot. Avoid the pools (and the feisty insects that inhabit the area) and continue south-west, using the objective marker on your compass as a guide.

Eventually, as near your destination, you'll stumble across a stream of radioactive gunk that's teeming with feral ghouls. Keep out of the creatures' line of sight and quickly scale the hill behind them. Once you reach its peak, drop down the other side and follow the marker until you arrive at the Crater of Atom.

Explore the Crater of Atom

Continue south and, shortly, you'll spot a small wooden structure to your right. Climb the walkway and approach the woman standing inside. Ask her about the Holy Ground and tell her that you mean her no harm. Once you're permitted you to stay, approach her again and inquire about Virgil. If available, use the persuasion option and explain that you need information. You'll learn that Virgil can be found to the south-west, living in a cave.

Head back down the walkway then, at the bottom, turn south-west and begin moving up the hill, winding between the rocks in the direction of the objective marker. Once you reach the top of the hill, head down the other side and continue forward - the environment makes it tricky to see where you're going so keep a close watch on your objective marker.

Intermittently, you'll stumble across large radioactive pools that play host to some very nasty critters. It's best to maintain your distance here, and work your way around the outside to avoid tricky confrontations. Eventually, after another lengthy walk, you'll spy Virgil's cave tucked between the rocks - head on over and make your way inside.

Confront Virgil

Follow the narrow passage along to the north and ignore the broken turrets up ahead - they're in no state to open fire. Once you spot Virgil standing on the left-hand side of the tunnel, head on over to initiate conversation.

First, tell him to take it easy and assure him that the story of Kellogg's death is true. If available, select the persuasion option and ask Virgil why he left the Institute. When he demands to know what you want, tell him that you need information and explain about your son. Virgil will offer his assistance but wants something in return. Ask him what, then agree to find the serum once you've infiltrated the Institute.

Next, reveal that you know about the synths' teleportation abilities and confirm that you've seen an Institute Courser before. Ask why you need to kill one and Virgil will explain that you need access to the synth's molecular relay chip to enter the Institute.

Ask what you need to do first and you'll be directed to the ruins of CIT. With the conversation over, your current quest will end - and the new Hunter/Hunted quest will be added to your log.

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