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Fall Guys' latest mid-season update out now bringing two new stages and more

Including 55 additional round variations.

Fall Guys' 80s-themed fourth season has reached its mid-point, meaning, as is now tradition, the arrival of a brand-new content update designed to freshen up the second half of the season with a variety of new gameplay twists and additions.

As detailed over on the Fall Guys subreddit, Season 4.5, which is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, introduces two brand-new rounds - Slimescraper and Button Bashers - as well as a total of 55 variations across 12 rounds. Slimescraper is described as spiritual successor to Slime Clime, tasking players with outrunning slime and mastering "multiple floors of mayhem", while Button Bashers is a 1v1 round in which players are split into duelling pairs - the winner being the one with the most points when the timer runs out.

Cover image for YouTube videoFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Season 4.5 OUT NOW - Gameplay Trailer
Fall Guys - Season 4.5 Gameplay Trailer

As for those new level variations, a full list isn't available, but developer Mediatonic has confirmed low-gravity versions of Hex-a-gone and Thin Ice.

Elsewhere, Fall Guys' mid-season update introduces custom lobbies for all, enabling the creation of matches (which can consist of both PC and PS4 players) with as few as four competitors. Additionally, PC and PS4 players can also now matchmake together across all game modes - although cross-platform parties are not currently possible.

Other 4.5 niceties include improved latency for grabbing objects and mantling, a new visual indicator to show connection quality, and a new player reporting feature. "We'll never act solely on reports (reports help us with cross referencing)," notes Mediatonic of the latter, "and we'll never ban anyone for grabbing or using in-game mechanics in a normal fashion."

And if you want to know more, you'll find an extensive list of tweaks and bug fixes included in Fall Guys' Season 4.5 update for PC and PlayStation 4 over on Reddit.

Fall Guys' hugely successful knockabout battle royale action is still expected to make its way to Xbox and Switch, but Mediatonic recently announced those versions would no longer arrive this summer as originally planned. A revised release date is yet to been given.