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Fall Guys has been delayed on Switch and Xbox

But crossplay is on the way!

Developer Mediatonic has delayed the release of Fall Guys for Xbox and Switch, saying it needs more time to incorporate everything it wants to include for launch. But on the positive side, crossplay is on the way!

Mediatonic initially announced it would be bringing Fall Guys' ludicrous last-bean-standing action to Nintendo and Microsoft's platforms this summer. In a new post on its website, however, the developer confirmed a change of plans, explaining summer is "unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features we're working on."

There's no suggestion of when Fall Guys might finally arrive Xbox and Switch following the delay - although Mediatonic says it's still aiming to "launch on these platforms as quickly as possible" - but the developer has attempted to soften the blow by revealing one of the new features it currently has in development: crossplay.

Fall Guys Season 4 - Cinematic Trailer.

It sounds like the decision to incorporate crossplay into Fall Guys - enabling players to "stumble in harmony with their pals, regardless of their platform of choice" - is at least partly responsible for the Xbox and Switch delay. And while there's no hint of a release window for crossplay either, Mediatonic says it believes its efforts "are really going to be worth waiting for".

Fall Guys is currently approaching the middle of its fourth, 80s-themed season and, once again, it'll be marking the occasion with a special mid-season update. This, Mediatonic teases, will include "two fiendish new rounds" and "delicious Fall fashion for your Season 4 wardrobe." More details, including a launch date, will be revealed as soon as possible.

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