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Fall Guys' fourth season now live with squad mode, seven new rounds, and more

Plus Daily Challenges and "sturdier beans".

Fall Guys' neon-streaked fourth season, which sends everybody's favourite bean folk off to a very 80s future, is now live, bringing with it seven new rounds, a new squad mode, and more.

Season 4's seven new rounds include the previously revealed 60-bean Skyline Stumble, which features a "mega assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles", alongside Roll On, which reworks the familiar Roll Out round into a 60-person race.

There's also Hoverboard Heroes, Basketfall, Short Circuit, Power Trip, and Big Shots.

For those who'd rather indulge in Fall Guys' ritual humiliation with friends in tow, that's now possible thanks to the new squad mode, enabling players to team up with three of their pals.

Fall Guys Season 4 - Cinematic Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Here, competing in a round contributes to each squad's collective points tally, which then determines which squads will make it through to the next round and which are eliminated.

There are squad races, which award more points the quicker players make it over the finish line, as well as squad survival rounds, where points are accrued by staying out of the slime.

Alongside points, competing in squads earns players the new Crown Shards currency. 60 of these can be turned into a Crown to spend in the store - ideal for those with a particularly miserable win ratio, like me.

Crown Shards can also be earned as part of Fall Guys' new Daily Challenges, which offer rewards, including Fame, for logging in each day. Full details of Fall Guys' Season 4, which is available now on PS4 and PC, can be found in the latest patch notes.

Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox and Switch this "summer", and developer Mediatonic recently announced the studio's acquisition by Epic Games - a move it said would hopefully result in Fall Guys receiving a host of new tech features from Fortnite and Rocket League, including the likes of account systems and cross-play.

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