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Fall Guys' Doctor Who collaboration is now live for a limited time


A little over a week after Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who regeneration thrust David Tennant upon us again, everybody's favourite Time Lord (not including Missy, obviously) has materialised in Mediatonic's knockabout battle royale game Fall Guys for a spot of cross-promotional fun.

From today, 1st November, until Sunday, 6th November, players can find four Doctor-Who-themed costume sets in Fall Guys' premium item shop, costing 800 Show-Bucks apiece.

There's one inspired by Tom Baker's legendary fourth Doctor, one based on Jodie Whittaker's incarnation, and a third modelled after the latest David Tennant regeneration - which the BBC is officially referring to as the Fourteenth Doctor - as seen at the end of showrunner Chris Chibnall's recent swansong The Power of the Doctor.

Fall Guys - Doctor Who Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Additionally, Fall Guys players can, for the duration of the collaboration, pick up an unquestionably adorable Dalek skin, plus a Sonic Screwdriver emote. There are also two bundles available, each offering a selection of Doctor Who cosmetics for 1200 Show-Bucks.

Doctor Who's arrival in Fall Guys follows the Time Lord's appearance in Fortnite earlier this year. Somewhat unusually, this BBC Studios project wasn't an official collaboration with Epic, although an unlockable TARDIS spray did indicate the companies had been working together behind-the-scenes. If that means we might see a proper Fortnite partnership further down the line, then hello Epic Games - I would very much like a Frobisher skin please.

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