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Exciting mini-game from Double Fine

Olympic Challenge. But funny. Obv.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Funny developer Double Fine has made a new mini-game for all of you on the Internet. If you have Flash.

Team member Nathan Stapley dreamt it up and so decided to unselfishly call it My Game about Me: Olympic Challenge.

It has simple controls for people like us and is a collection of three mini-games varying from eating the right foods to staying asleep. Just pop over to the Double Fine site to give it a whirl and post your reviews below.

Last year Double Fine gave us fighting game Epic Saga to tuck into. Find it in much the same place. Again, is funny.

What else is the Psychonauts developer up to? Well, making fresh third-person action game Brutal Legend (with umlaut to aggravate search engine) for PS3 and 360. Jack Black is in it and stars as the roadie Eddie who is whisked to a fantasy world that he liberates using rock.

Looks like a corker; go to Brutal Legend gamepage to agree.

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