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Ex-GTA producer's ambitious-looking Everywhere gets closed alpha test soon

Ready, player one?

A character in Everywhere looks on at a sea of other avatars.
Image credit: Build A Rocket Boy / Eurogamer

Build A Rocket Boy, the studio founded by former Rockstar exec Leslie Benzies, has announced plans for an imminent PC closed alpha test of its ambitious-looking game creation platform Everywhere.

This closed alpha will be accessible to players who sign up for an account at

A new trailer for Everywhere, released today, shows some of the biomes you can explore and play around with in the game, as well as some swooping camera pans through its Ready Player One-style hub. There's also a glimpse at some of the types of mini-games you can build and a brief look at the game's editor mode, which lets you tweak creations you've made on the fly.

A fresh look at the worlds of Everywhere.Watch on YouTube

I visited Build A Rocket Boy earlier this year to find out more about Everywhere, which looks to be setting itself up as an alternative to the game creation platforms of Roblox and Fortnite, with blockbuster experiences from some of the team behind GTA built in (this bit is named MindsEye).

It's an intriguing prospect - albeit extremely ambitious. Still, you now know where to go if you want to give it a try.

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