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Everything announced in today's Square Enix Presents

Lara! Life is Strange! Space Raiders AR! Black Panther!

Square Enix Presents has wrapped up with the reveal of the next Life is Strange game, a look ahead at the future of Marvel's Avengers, and a few bits and pieces for Tomb Raider's 25th anniversary year.

On that, the show kicked off with a look at plans for Lara Croft's 25th birthday through the re-releases of old games and Lara Croft popping up in other titles, such as Fortnite. On that note, Croft Manor will be playable in a Creative level within the game next week.

There will also be a Tomb Raider cookbook. We will try our best to review this.

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Teasers for a smattering of mobile games were up next - Just Cause Mobile, coming soon, the multiplayer Hitman Sniper Assassins from Square Enix Montreal, coming 2021, and what sounded like a Pokémon Go-style AR Mobile game named Space Raiders AR.

An Avengers updated followed with a look at today's new addition of Hawkeye to the game. We then got a brief glimpse at Avengers' future, with two additions due in spring (Tachyon Anomaly and Red Room Takeover), and two for "summer and beyond" (Project Omega and Wasteland Patrol).

Finally, and most excitingly, Black Panther: War for Wakanda brings T'Challa to the game later in 2021. There was no mention at all of a certain friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

The big reveal of Life is Strange: True Colors was up next, with a wonderful-looking new setting, cast and special power. It's developed by Before the Storm studio Deck Nine, and features a crossover character from that game - D&D fan Steph. It's due in September, all in one go.

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In other Life is Strange news, the series' original season and Before the Storm are getting remasters with new facial mo-cap due later this year. We've got a big deep dive into all of this Life is Strange news on the site now.

Square Enix Presents wrapped up with a look at PlayStation 5 timed-exclusive Project Athia, which now has the final name of Forspoken. Ella Balinska, the actress behind main character Frey, introduced a new trailer. It's due in 2022.