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Marvel's Avengers gets a Black Panther expansion later this year

But no mention of Spider-Man.

Marvel's Avengers gets its Black Panther expansion later this year, Square Enix has announced.

The addition of Black Panther as a DLC character to the game, delayed last year due to the sad passing of actor Chadwick Boseman, arrives as part of the War for Wakanda expansion.

In the brief trailer, below, we hear the leader of A.I.M. talking with Black Panther villain Klaw. It sounds like an invasion of Wakanda is on the cards.

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Before War for Wakanda comes out, Marvel's Avengers will get new villain sectors, events like the Red Room Takeover, and a new patrol mode. The roadmap for 2021 is below:

However, there was no mention of Spider-Man, the promised PlayStation-exclusive DLC character.

Marvel's Avengers Operation: Future Imperfect and the next-gen versions are out now. This adds Hawkeye, campaign replay and customisable HARM rooms.