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Square Enix's PS5 and PC fantasy adventure Project Athia gets final name and new trailer

Forspoken arriving next year.

Square's enigmatic fantasy title Project Athia has finally been given a proper name, and will now be known as Forspoken as it continues its journey toward a PC and PS5 release next year.

Project Athia, a new narrative-driven adventure developed by Luminous Productions, was first revealed during Sony's big PlayStation 5 broadcast last year, giving players a glimpse of its mysterious be-caped protagonist and gorgeous fantasy world.

Now, as part of its spring showcase event, Square has shared a smidgeon more information on Project Athia, giving a name to both its protagonist and the game itself.

Forspoken - Official Title Announcement Trailer.

In Forspoken, players will take on the role of Frey Holland - played by Ella Balinska - who Square Enix describes as an "ordinary young woman who must harness her magical abilities to survive" in a "beautiful yet cruel world".

There's a brief new look at Forspoken's action in the trailer above - wherein Frey is forced to take shelter among the ruins of a decimated town as she evades the scrutiny of a mighty dragon - and it culminates with confirmation that the game is planned to launch in 2022.

As previously confirmed, Forspoken will be making its way to PC and PlayStation 5, with Sony having secured a two year period of console exclusivity.

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