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EverQuest II update revamps world

Elements of Evil refreshes content.

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The five year-old EverQuest II expands again today with the Elements of Evil update.

Void creatures have invaded the world, resulting in a meaty make-over for the entire LavaStorm area. This has over 20 extra quests for levels 45-55, plus more solo content for lonely level-80 players.

Elements of Evil adds three new dungeons, too. Groups of tradeskillers can port raids into a version of the Palace of the Ancient one; 12 adventurers can try to save something called Narjena from agents of something called Munzok; and full raids can tackle Munzok the Corrupter itself.

And because there are new baddies, there are also pieces - sets, actually - of new equipment to gather. Robes have a new appearance and there are new weapon slots as well, we're told. In addition, guilds can now display trophies such as heads of dragons in Guild Halls.

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