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Eastshade's Songs of Glimmerwick to feature inclusive character creator

For all the witches and wizards.

Inclusivity is set to be a major aspect of Songs of Glimmerwick, the newly-announced RPG from developer Eastshade Studios.

Like a mash-up of Harry Potter and Stardew Valley, the game is set in a magical school and features a mix of RPG style quests and life-sim aspects like school lessons, gardening and more. Oh, and magic is performed through music. Neat!

Players will create their own character who won't be defined by gender, plus customisation options won't be locked by gender either.

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As the game will be translated into multiple languages without gender neutral options, the developers are exploring options to ensure the game is as open as possible for players across the world.

Though early in development, Songs of Glimmerwick at present won't feature player romance. However, there will be a diverse cast of characters and same-sex relationships will feature.

Magical schools are certainly popular at the moment. Beyond Songs of Glimmerwick, developer Chucklefish is working on Witchbrook, while Avalanche has Hogwarts Legacy.

The Harry Potter series has a diverse fanbase, so Avalanche has ensured that trans witches and wizards will be represented in Hogwarts Legacy despite controversial opinions from Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling. The game is still due out this year, despite rumours to the contrary.

Songs of Glimmerwick, though, is shaping up to be a cute and diverse alternative for fans of all things magical, musical and mysterious. It's due for release on Steam in Q3 2023.

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