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Eastshade developer unveils twee wizard school RPG Songs of Glimmerwick

Looks class.

Songs of Glimmerwick is a new story-driven magical school RPG and the next project from Eastshade Studios, developer of the well-received Eastshade.

Today's debut trailer for Glimmerwick shows off some of its core mechanics, such as music-based magic and magic-based gardening. It is currently listed on Steam with a Q3 2023 release date, and there's word the game will also turn up on consoles.

There are Hogwarts-esque potions lessons to attend, and grumpy trees to avoid. A press release also boasts of RPG-style quests, adventure game-esque exploration and life sim mechanics. I like that you can conjure up a raincloud to grow crops faster and bewitch tools so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting yourself - where was all that in Harvest Moon?

Cover image for YouTube videoSongs of Glimmerwick Official Reveal Trailer

It's a busy time for upcoming games set in magical schools. Chucklefish is creating the Stardew Valley-inspired Witchbrook, while Avalanche Software is still building Hogwarts Legacy.