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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's free upgrade available to disc owners who have a discless next-gen console

These aren't the codes you're looking for.

EA is making the free digital upgrade for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order available to disc owners who now have a discless next-gen console.

If you have a physical copy of Respawn's action game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and have a discless PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S, you can still get the upgrade free if you contact EA support and provide proof of purchase, EA said in an FAQ.

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Here are the steps:

If you're looking to upgrade, start here.

  1. Select your platform - PS5 or Xbox Series S
  2. Choose Codes and promotions for your category, and Replace disc with code for your issue
  3. Complete the webform
  4. Provide proof of purchase
  5. Receive your code and start playing!

It's worth noting that to qualify for the free upgrade to the newest edition of the game, you must currently have physical ownership of the game or have a digital copy of the game on your PlayStation or Xbox.

This offer has been welcomed by discless next-gen console owners, but it's not the first time EA has done this - it made FIFA 21's next-gen upgrade available in a similar fashion.

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