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Don't worry, the dodge in Lies of P will be fixed before release

No strings attached.

Lies of P close up of the hero in a moody setting.
Image credit: Neowiz

Pinocchio Soulslike Lies of P recently had a publicly available demo, but a major piece of feedback was its frustrating dodge move.

Fear not puppet lovers! That's set to change before the full game is released in September.

A new video has been released interviewing director Jiwon Choi and discussing fan feedback from the demo.

Lies of P - Official Release Date TrailerWatch on YouTube

On the dodge specifically, Choi responded: "In Lies of P, dodging and guarding are one of the most crucial elements, alongside the P-Organ. Given the inherent intricacies of the game's structure, it is imperative to handle these elements meticulously with great care.

"We are currently undergoing a comprehensive evaluation on the various aspects of the dodging system including the invincibility frames, distance mechanics, and more.

"Our team of developers is fully committed to delivering an exceptional combat experience that not only maintains the essence of enjoyment but also reflects the precise attention to detail required."

Further improvements are also planned for combat overall, including refining character movement, lock-on mechanics, and camera controls, as well as improving the readability of enemy movements and patterns.

The team is also "devoted to perfecting the sensation of impactful hits...ensuring that each strike elicits a gratifying sense of satisfaction for players."

Choi additionally discussed approachability of the game and its appeal to new Soulslike players.

"Our aspiration is to make Lies of P more inclusive for players to embrace the Soulslike genre and find joy in playing it," he said.

I played the demo on its release and was overall impressed with the experience, though that dodge was certainly awkward to use consistently to, well, dodge. More so, the experience is indebted to FromSoftware's work and doesn't quite stand apart.

For the full director interview, check out the video below. I don't know why Choi is wearing a bucket on his head though.

Lies of P - Director Demo Q&AWatch on YouTube

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