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Dishonored's Corvo used to sure look a lot like Thief's Garrett

Used to have more of a British ninja thing going on.

Before he had a kooky clockwork tin-man mask, Dishonored's shadowy hero Corvo looked a lot more like Thief's Garrett.

This should come as no surprise as several of developer Arkane's staff worked on Looking Glass' Thief series back in the day, and the original vision of Dishonored took place in a more 17th century inspired era too.

Dishonored artist Wes Burt placed some early concept art on his CGHub page, where we can see some early images of the nimble spellcaster. It's not a bad design, but I'm kind of glad it was changed as it would probably warrant too many comparisons to its contemporary stealthy rival, the Assassin's Creed series.

It's worth noting that the game's in first-person anyway, so it's not readily apparent just how much Corvo's design really matters, but it dos make you appreciate all the work developers go through on stuff the player never even sees.

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