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Dino Crisis is the series most Capcom fans want to see get a new game

Everybody's Gone to the Velociraptor.

Regina is confronted by a velociraptor in Dino Crisis
Image credit: Capcom

Results of a Capcom poll designed to find out its players' most beloved games and characters have been published, and Dino Crisis fared pretty well overall.

When those taking part were asked if there were any Capcom franchises they would like to see get either a sequel or a new game, the Dino Crisis series came out on tricera-top, with 80,769 votes. "Please remake Dino Crisis or release a sequel. I know my message will be one of possibly millions but please release one for us fans," one respondent wrote.

When asked which Capcom games players liked the best, 10,978 of 254,148 respondents listed Dino Crisis. This put Capcom's reptilian survival horror in second place for this particular category, with Devil May Cry 5 taking first with 15,157 votes. Last year's Resident Evil 4 rounded out the top three, with 9017 total votes.

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Indeed, it is clear that even years after its most recent entry, Dino Crisis remains beloved. In fact, when Capcom first unveiled Exoprimal back in 2022, many assumed and hoped this was Dino Crisis getting some sort of reboot. However, this was not the case.

But will Capcom ever look at its latest community findings and decide to give Dino Crisis the remake treatment? After all, it has been steadily doing that with its Resident Evil games, with latest reports suggesting Capcom has remakes of both Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: Code Veronica in the pipeline. Sadly, I cannot say right now, but I have emailed Capcom to see if it has any comment on Dino Crisis' enduring popularity. It is quite impressive to see the series still rated so highly among the Capcom community.

Dino Crisis is the series most Capcom fans want to see rebooted
Image credit: Capcom

Elsewhere in the poll, Dante was voted as Capcom's favourite character, with Leon Kennedy (and his lovely jacket) coming second. You can check out all of the results for yourself here.

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