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Where to buy the Nvidia RTX 4090: UK and US links

Here's where to find Nvidia's new flagship graphics card.

Nvidia's new RTX 4090 graphics card is now available, as we've reached its 12th October 2022 release date. After extensive testing, our RTX 4090 review reveals one of the biggest gen-on-gen performance increases ever, as well as a clever new technique for boosting frame-rates further in supported games: DLSS 3. We've rounded up everything you need to know about the RTX 4090, from its price and performance to where you can actually buy one.

So let's talk performance. Combined, Nvidia claimed these new Ada Lovelace cards can be up to two to four times faster than their Ampere predecessors in the most demanding 4K RT workloads, and that's borne out by our testing. The extent of the increase depends on the game and the settings, but this card more or less "solves" current-gen games - you can basically choose the highest possible settings and enjoy high frame-rates, maxing out even a 4K 144Hz monitor in most titles. It's an incredible turn of events, and one that makes the extremely high price point of the 4090 seem more reasonable than it first appeared.

Nvidia has accomplished this by designing a denser chip with a higher power target and more advanced hardware features, adding up to a powerful piece of kit. Looking at the specs it's clear to see some eye-popping figures in terms of compute, memory bandwidth and power consumption - on top of a process shrink to TSMC's 4N process, design changes and new-generation shader cores, RT cores and Tensor cores.

This level of performance means we've seen substantial demand for these cards upon launch. So: here's what you need to know about the RTX 4090, including the retailers in the US and UK that offer this highly vaunted GPU for sale!

Where can you buy the RTX 4090 in the UK?

You can buy the RTX 4090 from a range of major UK retailers, which we've summarised in a handy table below. Stock is expected to sell out quickly, so do consider checking a second or even third retailer if you aren't able to order from your normal favourite store.

Retailer Price Range
Overclockers £1649 and up
Ebuyer £1649 and up
Amazon UK £1649 and up
Scan £1649 and up
CCL £1649 and up
Novatech £1649 and up
Currys PC World £1649 and up
Box £1649 and up

Where can you buy the RTX 4090 in the US?

The RTX 4090 is available from a wide range of major stores, which we've summarised in a handy table below. Stock is expected to sell out quickly, so do consider checking a second or even third retailer if you aren't able to order from your normal go-to!

Retailer Price Range
B&H Photo $1599 and up
Amazon US $1599 and up
Newegg $1599 and up
Best Buy $1599 and up

How fast is the RTX 4090?

In short: incredibly fast. Even without DLSS in play, the RTX 4090 can handle almost every AAA game at maxed out settings at high frame rates, and DLSS 2 offers a considerable boost in performance. DLSS 3 doubles performance in supported titles, increasing visual fluidity at the expense of input latency.

Our RTX 4090 review includes performance figures for a wide range of games, including traditional rasterised titles, games with ray tracing and special analyses of power consumption, DLSS 2 and DLSS 3. Rich's summing up of the card is quite powerful, I think:

This is going to sound highly subjective and perhaps unbelievable to a certain extent, but the way I see it, for my use-case scenario at least - RTX 4090 'solves graphics' for practically all current generation games... The new 'GPU king' is essentially a fantasy product made real, and for me it is achieving something that prior Titans and even RTX 3090 failed to achieve - we've finally 'beaten' 4K, we've 'mastered' current ray tracing titles and even settings selections don't seem to be much of an issue any more, especially with DLSS in the mix.

What's the RTX 4090 price?

Nvidia's official recommended retail prices for the RTX 4090 starts at $1499/£1649. Custom models cost more due to the demand for high-end graphics cards right now, although the makers of those cards will point to the inclusion of factory overclocking to boost performance, more ports, beefier heatsinks or other additions as an explanation for the price.

This leads into another question - why is the RTX 4090 so expensive? Certainly both Nvidia and its partners want to make a healthy profit, recouping their investments into research and development, but there are other factors in play as well. More advanced processes, like TSMC's 4N used here, are more expensive than their predecessors to produce. Global conflicts and pandemics also continue to impact supply chains. However, ultimately the price is set at what Nvidia thinks the market will bear, and only GPUs remaining on store shelves, unsold, are likely to motivate any kind of downward shift in prices.

What are the specs of the RTX 4090?

Despite looking outwardly like last year's cards, the RTX 4090 represents an insanely powerful choice, even over the two RTX 4080 cards Nvidia announced. You can see this for yourself in our table below.

  RTX 4090 24GB RTX 4080 16GB RTX 4080 12GB
GPU AD102 AD103 AD104
Transistors 76B ? ?
Die size 611mm² 380mm² 300mm²
CUDA cores 16384 9728 7680
Boost clock 2.52GHz 2.51GHz 2.61GHz
Memory interface 384-bit 256-bit 192-bit
Memory bandwidth 1018GB/s 742GB/s 557GB/s
Power usage 450W 320W 285W
PSU requirement 850W 750W 700W
PSU cables 3x 8-pin 3x 8-pin 2x 8-pin
Price $1499/£1649 $1199/£1269 $899/£949
Release date October 12th, 2022 November, 2022 November, 2022

Are pre-built RTX 4090 desktop PCs available in the UK?

There are a range of UK and US retailers with RTX 4090 graphics cards available who will build a desktop PC for you. You do pay a premium for the privilege but this is still a great option for anyone without the time or inclination to build for themselves.

Retailer Price range
Overclockers £2000 to £4000
PC Specialist £2000 to £4000
CCL £3905.99 and up
AWD IT £2000 to £4000
CyberPowerPC £2000 to £4000
Chillblast £2000 to £4000
Box Custom PCs £2000 to £4000

Are pre-built RTX 4090 desktop PCs available in the US?

There are a range of American system integrators that can take care of the hard work of building a high-end gaming rig with the RTX 4090 and sending it to your door. Here are some of our absolute faves.

Retailer Price range
Origin PC $2000 and up
iBuyPower $2000 and up
Maingear $2000 and up
CyberpowerPC $2000 and up
Digital Storm $2000 and up
Falcon NW $2000 and up
NZXT BLD $2000 and up

That's all the RTX 4090 order info we've come across so far. Of course, we'll return to update this page regularly with all the best RTX 4090 prices, so stay tuned! We'll also tweet out cards from @dealsfoundry and @dealsfoundryusa, so be sure to follow us there if you want instant updates as soon as stock appears.

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