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This massive WD Gold 14TB HDD is just £250 at eBuyer right now

Ideal for data hoarders of all kinds.

Yep, you read that headline right! A 14TB Enterprise HDD from Western Digital is currently £249.99 at eBuyer, giving you the chance to get a shedload of storage space at ridiculous levels of value.

For reference, this is a hard drive that sits firmly in the enterprise category, as opposed to for consumer use, meaning it's designed for practically constant use in servers or workstations that are going to be running for longer than your average PC in a daily basis. As a result, this WD Gold HDD should be an especially reliable drive if you chuck it in your PC.

The headline thing about this particular hard drive though is its particularly massive capacity - 14 terabytes is a lot for anyone, but for the big servers these things are usually deployed in, that's a minimum figure to be truthful. With that being said though, the high price for such a large amount of storage is fair, given what it works out to. In breaking it down, it works out to approximately £18 per 1TB of storage, which is insane value. For further proof, dividing this up into singular GB works out to under 2p per GB!

As a SATA drive, this should be as easy to install as PC components come, given it's a case of plugging a spare SATA cable into the drive, and then away you go. This is a mechanical hard drive though, so it will have a limited shelf life compared to more modern solid state drives, but Western Digital says this drive will offer up to 2.5 million hours before any failures, which works out to a lifespan of 285 years - this drive will probably last longer than you, if that figure is correct.

So that's about it, really - a massive drive at a quite reasonable price, ideal for data hoarders of all kinds.