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Pick up this 128GB Kingston USB-C flash drive for £9

Convenient portable storage for USB-C laptops, phones and tablets, no adapter required.

Stop me if you've heard this one before - USB flash drives are really handy to have around. Last week we spied a great deal on a 32GB unit which saw a warm response from EG readers, so today we're back with what could be an even better deal on a massive 128GB drive with a convenient USB-C connection! Right now, you can pick up a Kingston DataTraveler 70 for just £8.95 shipped from MyMemory, less than half price.

I remember the days when larger capacity USB drives used to cost an absolute mint, but now with lowering costs of flash storage, they've become an awful lot more accessible and faster too. This one is rated up to 200MB/s reads and 60MB/s writes, which is incredibly speedy for a flash drive and puts it within the same order of magnitude as many SSDs. It also comes with a five year warranty, a rarity for a USB drive that speaks to Kingston's quality.

The DataTraveler 70 works over USB-C, which means you can use it with MacBooks and other USB-C equipped devices like desktop and laptop PCs, tablets and phones, all without the need for an adapter. Of course, it is also backwards-compatible with full-size USB if you need to occasionally use it with older machines that lack the newer Type-C port.

A 128GB USB flash drive will certainly be able to store a lot of files inside, meaning you can keep any important files you need quick access to on there, without running out of space. What's more, if you need to make a recovery drive for Windows or even install a new OS, then you know you'll have a drive big enough for that purpose. I've been caught too many times with trying to reinstall Windows on a PC and the drive I've used simply isn't big enough. Grabbing one of these Kingston DataTravelers also works for the sake of peace of mind, too.

For the low, low price of less than 9 big ones, you can grab a 128GB USB flash drive with excellent transfer speeds, which is quite frankly ridiculous value. If you have a pile of old and decaying USB drives, like so many of us Eurogamer writers, then replacing them all with a single drive that gets the job done and has a five year warranty makes a lot of sense to me - especially when you can get it for less than a tenner!