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This excellent Steelseries Aerox 5 ultralight mouse is down 38% at Amazon right now

Ultra light, for less.

If you're a regular visitor to the far lands of Digital Foundry, you'll know we're a place that quite likes an ultra light gaming mouse - for reference, here are some of our favourites. On the note of favourites, SteelSeries' excellent Aerox 5 has received a 38 percent discount on Amazon, bringing its price down from a £79.99 to a more stomachable £49.99.

We were impressed with the wireless variant of the Aerox 5, and to be honest, you might actually argue that this wired variant offers some notable benefits. With a 66g mass, it's actually lighter than the wireless version by eight grams or so, which should make it extra nimble. It offers a honeycombed pattern across the back, which also makes it look rather fetching, as well as the benefit of nine programmable buttons, including a DPI clutch, which will be of massive help to those who indulge in FPS titles for more precise aiming.

Speaking of precision, the Aerox 5 also comes with what SteelSeries calls its TrueMove Air Sensor which provides 18,000 DPI's worth of sensitivity to aid in offering a snappy and precise gaming experience. The fact this mouse also features 400 IPS and 40G also backs up the point of it being a rather speedy customer.

For fans of bright lights, the Aerox 5 also comes with SteelSeries PrismSync RGB lighting that looks vibrant and can be seen from pretty much all angles given the open backed nature of this mouse's frame. It's compatible with SteelSeries Engine software so you should be able to configure the lighting in there, as well as remap functions and change the DPI level, too.

Ultra light gaming mice have become more than just a passing fad these last few years, and if you want to try one of the best options money can buy for less of your hard earned cash, this SteelSeries Aerox 5 deal from Amazon is sure to float your boat.

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