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Grab Samsung's top-tier 55-inch QN90B Neo QLED for £1099 - with a free soundbar

Update: now fixed, but still a good deal at £1099.

We’re arrived once again at the now-2022 edition of Black Friday deals, with a whole load of offers popping up around the worldwide web and storefronts, but whilst everything may seem normal out there, Samsung have decided to throw out a curveball of a deal - or a misprice, we're not sure.

Update (4PM): Looks like this was indeed a misprice, as the TV and soundbar are now ringing up at £1099 as intended. This is still a solid deal on one of the best TVs and a decent soundbar, and as a bonus any orders at this price are going to go through - we'll have to wait and see if anyone will receive their TV and soundbar for £874. Original article continues:

Right now, you can get a Samsung QN90B 4K Neo QLED TV and a Samsung S61B soundbar for just £874. This is an outstanding deal - and the weird thing is that you need to reload the basket page to get the £874 price, as the product page and the basket will both initially show £1099 instead. Reload though, and you see the £874 price, as screenshotted below.

Given this weirdness, it's possible that this is a misprice, so I'd advise moving fast if you want to pick this one up.

For some quick facts about what you’re getting here, the screen has four HDMI 2.1 ports that allow for 4K 120fps gaming on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC, and you can also take advantage of its HDR capabilities for HDR10+, HLG and standard HDR10 - but no DolbyVision. To boost your frame rate whilst gaming, there’s also access to FreeSync and G-Sync, as well as HDMI Forum VRR letting you take full advantage of variable refresh rate features on PS5, Series X/S or PC.

Alongside that, it’s got a Quantum Dot panel with a mini LED backlight and 720 dimming zones, meaning you’re going to get great local dimming and super-impactful HDR performance, with great contrast between the darkest and lightest parts of a scene - without the artefacts you get with edge-lit screens or those with relatively few dimming zones.

If it’s competitive gaming you’re into as well – such as Call of Duty or CS:GO – this TV is going to help substantially too thanks to its fast response time and low input lag.

Compared to OLED screens, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no risk of potential burn-in here, and the VA-based screen still retains a much brighter picture than even the LG C2’s new Evo OLED panel. And while this TV doesn't have the perfect deep blacks and near-instant pixel response times you get on OLED, it's still a great screen and almost a no-brainer at this heavily reduced price, especially with the free soundbar included.

For further deals, be sure to check out our Twitter page over at @dealsfoundry. We've also rounded up more great Black Friday 4K TV deals right here on Eurogamer.

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