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Nab the fastest gaming SSD at a new low price from Amazon right now

Western Digital's at it again.

I'll cut to the chase straight away - the absolute fastest gaming SSD money can buy you right now in 1TB form, the Western Digital Black SN850X, is available at Amazon at a new low price of £94.98.

In short, this deal repreents a 40 percent discount on the drive's £158 list price, or in other words, an insane deal on one of the best PS5 SSDs out there, or one of the best gaming SSDs in a more general sense, too.

Its read and write speeds of 7300MB/s and 6300MB/s make this the fastest SSD available at the moment in terms of sequential speeds, and reaffirm WD's place at the top of the tree for SSDs. Such speeds are possible thanks to the fact this is a PCIe 4.0-capable drive with fast NAND and a controller to match, which also means alongside those crazy speeds, it conforms to Sony's particularly stringent requirements for PS5 SSDs.

With PS5 usage in mind, you're going to nearly treble the console's usable storage with the addition of a 1TB SSD into the mix. While the PS5's quoted internal capacity is 825GB, only 666GB or so of that is usable. Adding a 1TB SSD into the console provides a total of 1.666TB or so, which gives you nearly three times as much capacity to play with - especially handy considering how large some AAA games' files can be.

Much like with the standard SN850, where this new -X variant really shines is with its quoted IOPS figure of over a million, which is what's going to make games load rather fast indeed, as well as the crazy read and write speeds. The 1TB variant on sale here may not come with a heatsink, but you can grab one to go with it for £8, meaning you'll be able to use it with a PS5 and PC with ease; using it with a PC is possible as long as you've got a PCIe 4.0 capable motherboard - to save you the hassle of looking, anything from the last three to four years should be totally okay.

If you want to take your storage game to the next level, this SN850X deal from Amazon is a hard one to miss, especially given it's literally the fastest SSD out there right now.

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