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LG's C2 OLED 4K TVs have dropped to historic lows at AO

Update: this affiliate code has now expired.

It looks like this deal has now expired; follow us on @dealsfoundry for more deals as we discover them! Original article continues below:

Almost the entire Digital Foundry team has an LG OLED at home, so it's perhaps no surprise that the firm's C1 and C2 OLEDs are our top 4K TV recommendation - the incredible contrast, beautiful HDR presentation and excellent motion clarity make these great choices for gaming or watching films in HDR.

Today the LG C2 is on sale at AO, with a 15 percent discount available on models sized from 42 to 65 inches when you use the code LG15 at the checkout. This makes for some historic low prices on the best gaming TVs on the market - well worth checking out!

So why are these LG C2 TVs so good? Well, the C2 offers a noticeable improvement over the C1 and prior LG OLEDs, as these TVs use LG's new Evo panels with significantly higher brightness - RTings measured 422 nits for the C2 against 302 nits for the C1 in their 'real scene brightness' test. By boosting brightness, you get better contrast and therefore more impactful HDR - in games, movies and TV. OLEDs have never been able to get as bright as their QLED or Mini LED counterparts, so this is a huge step forward and ameliorates one of the few reasons you'd consider a non-OLED set. Of course, you still get the vibrant colours and deep, inky blacks that OLEDs are known for with the new panel, and the results are extraordinary.

These C2 tellies also bring with them all of the gaming features you need, including four HDMI 2.1 inputs which allows for 4K at 120Hz - ideal for gaming on PS5 and Xbox Series X. You also get a few different flavours of VRR, including HDMI Forum VRR (for consoles) and both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium (for PCs). There is also support for cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, and the C2 also comes with a handy Game Optimiser mode which aids in customising the TV's performance to match the game you're playing so you get the best experience possible.

Besides the deals on the C-series of LG OLEDs, AO also has a deal on a couple of other lines, with entries in both the A-series and B-series also marked down. The 48-inch A2 OLED is £628 with code LG15, which is one of the cheapest OLEDs I've seen for a long time, while the 55-inch B2 OLED is £936. The B2 OLED uses an older processor, meaning their smart interfaces may not be as snappy, but otherwise visual performance and features are much the same. Meanwhile, the A2 OLED has a slower processor and also lacks HDMI 2.1 support, limiting play to 60Hz. This is fine for slower-paced games and films/TV, but we recommend going for an HDMI 2.1 set if gaming is the main use case for your TV.

LG seems to make OLEDs to suit everyone, and that's definitely the case with this great selection of AO deals, be it the all-powerful C2 series or the more affordable A2 line. Be sure to check these out as a potential upgrade for your TV, as you definitely won't be disappointed.

For more information on LG's OLEDs and some of the best alternatives, check out our write-up of the best 4K TVs for HDR gaming.

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