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Logitech's excellent G502 Hero gaming mouse is £50 off at Amazon

Plus deals on the wireless G502 Lightspeed and G305.

Logitech's mice are equally popular in a work or gaming environment, and none more so than the G502 Hero. It combines a wide, comfy shape with 11 programmable buttons, an 'infinite scroll' wheel for zipping through documents or websites and a high-end optical sensor for gaming. The silver-accented Special Edition model is on sale today for a ludicrous £30 on Amazon, down from a UK RRP of £80 - that's a historic low price.

We've also noticed that the G502 Lightspeed wireless version has also been reduced, from £130 all the way to £58. It's the same mouse, but with Logitech's industry-leading wireless and without the faff of a wire. It rarely gets reduced this low too!

The G502 family is the most popular gaming mouse in the world, but if you prefer something a little smaller than the G305 is just the ticket. It's a great wireless mouse to have on hand for laptops or if you just like a smaller, lighter design. It also sees a reduction today, with the G305 Lightspeed going for £24 instead of its regular price of £52.

If you're a stickler for a lightweight mouse, you can even get a AAA to AA battery converter and a AAA lithium ion battery to transform the G305 into a great ultralight wireless mouse that's ideal for FPS gaming.

Either way you go, G502 or G305, you'll be left with a top quality mouse at a dramatically lower price than normal. It's well worth checking these out, and if you're feeling inspired feel free to look at our compendium of the best gaming mice.

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