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Grab Logitech's G203 Lightsync gaming mouse for just £14 in the Prime Early Access sale

One of the best budget mice has dropped from £40 to £14, a 65% reduction.

The fight between manufacturers to make the best gaming mouse for the last few years has descended into a numbers game, with mouse makers competing to offer the highest DPI or polling rate in a bid to appeal to appeal to the most competitive gamers. Thankfully, those specs mean very little in real world usage, where factors like shape, weight and price are far more meaningful.

One mouse that actually nails these essentials at a fair price is Logitech's G203 LightSync, and today it's down to just £13.99 on Amazon. That's 65 percent off its UK RRP, a great deal that allows it to vastly outperform other mice at the same price point thanks to a solid gaming-grade sensor, comfortable shape and a good range of features. If you're considering your first gaming mouse or want a dedicated mouse to use with your laptop, this is an awesome choice.

The optical sensor is rated up to 8000 DPI and offers reliable performance for gaming or general computer use, only really falling behind higher-specced options when it comes to absurdly fast movement at extremely low DPI settings - not something you're likely to run up against even in competitive shooters. The G203 Lightsync also features some lovely, tactile-feeling mouse buttons. They aren't mushy, nor do they feel soft in the slightest, something that often afflicts cheap gaming mice.

This is also quite a compact mouse, with a slim black plastic shell making it an ideal travel choice. It's a great option for those with small to average-sized hands, and for me, generally felt rather comfortable to use for a day's work and some light gaming. There are a total of six programmable buttons on the G203 Lightsync, and changing their functions in the Logitech G Hub software is very straightforward.

If the shape of the G203 Lightsync looks familiar, it's because it is a model that Logitech has had in its product lineup for a while, and this Lightsync model changes the way in which lighting is done. While it maintains the pair of lighting zones seen on the previous Prodigy model, in the form of the Logitech G logo and the strip around the back, the strip can now be split down into three separate zones. This offers an extra degree of control to the rather vibrant and bright lighting that adorns the G203 Lightsync; again this can all be controlled in software.

All in all, the G203 Lightsync offers a whole lot of value for just £14 from Amazon, which a solid optical sensor, a comfortable shape and some handy software control. You'd be silly not to pick one up, even if it's just to keep as a spare mouse for just in case.

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