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All of Sony's new Inzone headsets have been marked down on Amazon

Get in the Inzone.

Sony's recently announced line of Inzone PS5 gaming headsets launched to warm reviews a few months ago, and now we're starting to see the first proper deals on them. All three official models are reduced - the wired Inzone H3, the mid-range wireless Inzone H7 and the flagship wireless Inzone H9 - with discounts ranging from 15 to 21 percent.

Now the list of prices and the like is out the way, let's get down to business. I'll take each headset in turn, and give you a bit of background on them.

First up, the Inzone H3. This is the 'entry-level' option, with a simple wired USB connection that works on PC, PS4 and PS5. It features a sleek white outer frame that borrows its smooth styling from Sony's next-gen console, with nylon earcups that offer great comfort and passive noise isolation. The build quality here is impressive too. The audio of the Inzone H3 is good out of the box, and the fact this is a PS5-compatible headset also means you'll be able to take advantage of Sony's 3D spatial audio for a more immersive and engaging listen. If you'd like to customise your audio experience on PC, then there's Sony Inzone Hub software to care of it for you. The mic on the Inzone H3 is a unidirectional one, meaning it should do a decent job of picking up your voice, as opposed to sound from all around you, and when you're not talking, you can simply flip it up to mute yourself.

It's a large step up to the Inzone H7, Sony's mid-range Inzone headset, and in my view, the best value headset in the range. You get the same looks as the H3, with a sleek white plastic frame and deep nylon earcups that offer up some of the best passive noise isolation I've ever experienced on a headset, as well as being insanely comfortable. The key difference between the H3 and this H7 is that the H7 is wireless, with 2.4GHz wireless (to PC/PS4/PS5) and Bluetooth (for basically everything else) - and you can even use both connection modes simultaneously. The audio here is a balanced and detailed listen, with a low end with good extension, and a mid-range with decent punch. In addition, there's support for 3D Audio on PS5 and 360 Spatial Sound on PC to offer that more immersive listen. The H7's battery life is also the best in the range, with up to 40 hours of listening time before it'll need charging back up again via USB-C.

The big addition for the Inzone H9 is ANC, active noise cancellation. This turns the H9 into a headset that you can wear almost anywhere, like trains and airplanes, with the ANC and the headset's passive noise isolation combining to block out distracting background noise. Sony already make arguably the best over-ear noise cancelling headphones - the WH-1000XM series - so it's not a surprise to learn that the H9 also has excellent ANC. Otherwise, the aural experience is pretty similar to the H7, with a tidy and detailed listen that sounds good across the frequency range, although with the addition of noise cancellation, the battery life has been cut down to a quoted 32 hours, which sits about right for a more premium headset. It's also worth noting that in terms of their design and build, not much has changed apart from the addition of a button to control the ANC level and enable a transparency mode which sounds natural, and that the earcups are now covered in leather as opposed to nylon, which feels a tad plusher.

Whichever Inzone headset you go for, be it the affordable and wired H3, the middle child H7 or the all-out H9, you'll be sure to get a headset that looks, feels and sounds great.

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