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Ebay's 15 per cent off event makes it a good day to buy some tech

It's a good excuse to get a new graphics card... or a 4K HDR TV... or maybe a new games console?

Ebay.com is currently running one of their semi-regular deal days, offering 15 per cent off the purchase price of almost any single item on the US version of the site, up to a value of $100, with the coupon code PREGAME15. Note that this code is only available to those with registered addresses in the United States, Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean - so not available to UK users, who'd have to contend with high shipping rates and import taxes anyway.

Unlike most retailers, Ebay's site-wide discount codes actually are site-wide, apart from sensible exceptions like the real estate category, so it's a good time to pull the trigger on any big ticket items you've been considering for a while. There are plenty of things that you could spend that 15 per cent discount on, but for gamers some of the ripest targets are consoles, big TVs and PC gaming components around the $650 mark. Here are some suggestions to get you started, including graphics cards, monitors and more.

I'm sure there are plenty more deals to be had too, with almost the entire site up for grabs. Whichever you choose, just remember to place your order before 1AM Eastern Time to get the 15 per cent discount.

If you don't fancy shopping on Ebay or you can't quite find the item you're after, you might want to check on Amazon as well. They're running a one-day PC components sale right now, offering discounts on peripherals from Corsair and HyperX, Samsung NVMe SSDs and more.