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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Masks list, all Halloween event rewards explained

Where to find Haunted Lost Sectors and all new Masks in this year's Festival of the Lost event.

The Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2 once again. This means the Haunted Lost Sectors are full of Pumpkin Headed bosses, while Guardians run about the stars hunting for candy.

This annual Destiny 2 event is a great time to stock up on some fantastic loot, take on those spooky Headless ones, and fill out your Book of the Forgotten in some Halloween inspired festivities.

There are challenges to complete, unique weapons to collect, and another batch of masks to collect during this year's Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2.

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How to start Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost, dates explained

Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost 2023 runs between Tuesday 17th October and Tuesday 7th November, starting and ending at the usual weekly reset time.

To participate in Festival of the Lost, you simply need to have access to the Tower social space. From there, speak to Eva Lavante, who will give you an introductory quest - called Classic Carving - allowing you to unlock Haunted Lost Sectors.

How to start Haunted Lost Sectors: Haunted Lost Sector location in Destiny 2 explained

To gain access to Haunted Lost Sectors, you must first start the quest 'Classic Carving' Eva Levante gives you in the Tower.

Eva will give you a Festival of the Lost Mask. Put that on and speak to her again. Now you can launch the Haunted Lost Sector by selecting it via a node at the Tower in your Director.

You can also launch into a Haunted Lost Sector from within the Tower itself, by investigating the totem next to Eva.

Destiny 2 Classic Carving quest steps

The Classic Carving quest will take you to the Haunted Lost Sectors for the first time, and explain how to flesh out the Book of the Forgotten.

The Classic Carving quest steps are as follows:

  • Speak with Eva to claim your Festival of the Lost mask.
  • Equip the mask that Eva gave you.
  • Speak with Eva in the Tower.
  • Enter a Haunted Sector and complete a Summoning Ritual.
  • Turn the Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages by defeating at least one Headless One and completing the Lost Sector.
  • Return to Eva to learn more about your Manifested Pages.
  • Unlock pages from 'Tales of the Forgotten - Vol. 3' by using your Manifested Pages.
  • Speak with Eva in the Tower.
  • Claim your first Event Challenge in the Event Card, which is accessible from Eva or in the Quest section of Classic Carving.
  • Speak with Eva to claim your rewards!

Once you’ve wrapped up Classic Carving, Eva will assign you the optional Sophisticated Sculpting Quest.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 masks list

A key attraction in Festival of the Lost each year is acquiring masks. These are ornaments which are equipped onto the Masquerader's Hood, which is given to you as part of the Classic Carving quest.

When wearing a Mask, you will earn Candy from defeating enemies, completing activities and bounties. Similar to how you would equip the Solstice armour during the Solstice of Heroes event, it's best to keep the Mask equipped for the duration to make sure you're getting drops!

As with previous events, Masks are based on well-known characters and bosses. New Masks are released every year, as well as several returning from previous years.

If you have kept a Mask from a previous year, then you are welcome to wear it during the latest Festival of the Lost event - so be sure to hang onto them!

There are a total of eight new masks to earn, each with it's own criteria to unlock:

  • Calus Mask - Complete the Occult Ritual Event Challenge.
  • Clovis Bray Mask - Complete the Cryptozoologist Event Challenge.
  • Disciple Mask - Purchase in the Eververse store for 300 Silver.
  • Good Boy Mask - Purchase in the Eververse store for 300 Silver.
  • Mara Sov Mask - Complete the Happy Haunting Ground Event Challenge.
  • Nimbus Mask - Complete the Hocus Focusing Event Challenge.
  • Pouka Mask - Complete the Candy Corner Event Challenge.
  • Tormentor Mask - Complete the Heads Will Roll Event Challenge.

Destiny 2 Haunted Lost Sectors 2023 chest rewards

As well as Masks and Triumphs to unlock, there are also the following rewards up for grabs from chestsat the end of Haunted Lost Sector runs:

Unlike previous years, you don't need the Cipher Decoder or any similar item each time you open a chest!

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Event Challenges

Festival of the Lost Triumphs are gone, replaced now by Event Challenges. These will task you with completing specific tasks around the Solar System. All told, there are 17 Event Challlenges to complete, and if you manage to clear them all you will be awarded the Ghost Writer seal and title.

Festival of the Lost 2023 Event ChallengesHow to complete
CryptozoologistUse a Manifested Page to restore a chapter in 'Tales of the Forgotten - Vol. 3.'
Bookworm 1Use a Manifested Page to unlock (11) chapters in 'Tales of the Forgotten - Vol. 3.'
Bookworm 2Use a Manifested Page to unlock (22) chapters in 'Tales of the Forgotten - Vol. 3.'
Bookworm 3Use a Manifested Page to unlock (33) chapters in 'Tales of the Forgotten - Vol. 3.'
Heads Will RollDefeat (100) Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors.
Horrific HauntsCompleted a higher difficulty Haunted Lost Sector.
Candy CornerEarn (17,500) Candy from activities.
Mystery MeetPurchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva.
Pumpkin Peltin'Defeat targets with Grenade Launchers
SniperstitionDefeat combatants with Sniper Rifles.
Automatic TransmissionDefeat combatants with Auto Rifles.
Third Shot's a CharmDefeat targets with Pulse Rifles.
Occult RitualComplete ritual activities, including strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.
Hocus FocusingFocus an Eerie Engram. These engrams drop from Haunted SEctors, and can be cound in the Tower Courtyard with Eva Levante.
Masked BanditComplete Crucible or Gambit matches while wearing a Festival mask.
Happy Haunting GroundComplet Haunted Sectors (18). Higher difficulty Haunted Sectors grant additional progress.
Ghost WriterComplete (16) Event Challenges during the Festival of the Lsost. Progress resets at the end of the event.

As always, you have to complete these by the end of the Festival of the Lost event, otherwise they are no longer accessible. Happy haunting!

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