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Destiny 2 Book of the Forgotten: How to get Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages explained

How to unlock new lore as part of the Halloween event.

The Book of the Forgotten is a lore filled tome that has returned for the Festival of the Lost 2023 in Destiny 2.

This must be contracted using two types of items - Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages - which are earned from completing both regular activities and the new seasonal one, Haunted Lost Sectors.

Below you'll learn how to get Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages for the Book of the Forgotten in Destiny 2.

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Book of Forgotten location: How to unlock the Book of the Forgotten in Destiny 2

The Book of the Forgotten is an item present exclusively during Festival of the Lost. With it, you're able to unlock a total of 87 lore entries, split between three volumes.

In order to unlock the Book of the Forgotten, you must complete Eva Levante's quest, Classic Carving, which is first obtained in the Tower.

From there, you can find the book next to Eva - easily missed when the Haunted Lost Sector totem is also nearby.

After you have completed Classic Carving, you can then continue to flesh out the book. You only have until the end of this year's Festival of the Lost event to complete it however! Do keep in mind that the Event Challenges for the Festival of the Lost requries progress in Volume 3 of the Book of Forgotten. It's best to focus your effort unlocking that section first.

How to get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 and Spectral Page farm methods explored

To earn Spectral Pages, which are the way to create Manifested Pages, you must complete activities across the game while wearing the Festival Mask (this is important!) where they will drop upon completion.

These include:

  • Playlist activities such as Strikes, Crucible, Gambit (3 per completion)
  • Public Events in Patrol areas (2 or 3 per Heroic completion)
  • Nightfall Strikes (5 per completion)
  • Seasonal activities, including Ketchcrash, and Expeditions (5 per completion).
  • Raid (2 per section).

So, what are the fastest sources? We'd recommend Public Events on the EDZ, which can be completed within a few minutes and give you 2-3 pages each. Otherwise, playing some of the faster Crucible modes (Mayhem or Rumble) will do you well. These are not nearly as fast as the above farming methods, they are still quicker than most other playlist activities if you're keen to get as many pages as possible.

How to get Manifested Pages in Destiny 2

Manifested Pages are used to create new lore items in the Book of the Forgotten. You can only get Manifested Pages by having Spectral Pages in your possession, then defeating Headless Ones in the new Haunted Lost Sectors activity.

These enemies have to be summoned by staying on ritual sites that spawn during the activity for a couple seconds. Then, a fight will take place.

For each Headless One you and your squadmates manage to take down, a Spectral Page will be converted into a Manifested Page. Manifested Pages are then used in the Book of the Forgotten to unlock story snippets.

You should be able to convert at least 10 pages per session, to give you an idea of how many you should have in your inventory before starting a Haunted Lost Sector.

It's worth noting that, aside from unlocking bits of the stories within the Book of Forgotten, turning Spectral Pages into Manifested pages increases weapon drops significantly. This means more chances of getting new rolls of the Jurassic Green pulse rifle, the Horror Story auto rifle, the Mechabre sniper rifle, and the ACOSMIC grenade launcher.

Regardless of your method of choice, make sure to grab bounties from Eva Levante before you jump into any activity!

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