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Destiny 2 Tower secrets - Floor is Lava, Tower Ball, secret room location and other Tower Easter Eggs

How to play the many mini-games found hidden away in the Tower social space.

Destiny 2 Tower secrets are many and varied, and reward you for poking around the many corridors and ledges surrounding the main activities of the social space.

The most interesting is the Floor is Lava, based on the childhood game you are already familiar with - while the popular Purple Ball is back to play around with - and if you perform the right steps, spawn a few others of its kind, including a huge Tower ball.

There's also other secrets too, including Tower secret room and Dance Party Key and Loot-a-Palooza Keys - the latter we go through in detail in that prior link.

And don't forget to see some of The Farm secrets too, if you ever had back that way on your adventures.

Destiny 2 Floor is Lava explained

If you head to the upper most walkway, at the same position where you spawn in (use the slanted platform going up left from where you enter) and approach the water tanks to read the 'Don't Pick Me Up' prompt.

Doing so will trigger the Floor is Lava mini-game. A tower of light will appear at the other end of the Tower, and the aim is to get there without touching the floor.

  • You can touch the walkway until the metal flooring ends on either side before damage kicks in. Otherwise, all other flooring will hurt.
  • Railings, boxes and benches are fine to stand on, as they aren't the floor - and you must use these to reach your goal.
  • You can touch the floor briefly several times, and it's this grace period that lets you move between railings, so choose your route carefully.
  • If you die, you can try again and the end goal may change, which can be useful if you're struggling on a particular route.

When you complete it, you'll receive the Quickness buff, giving you additional speed and height to explore the Tower. This will wear out after a short period of time, or if you leave the Tower instance, so make use of it while you can.

How to spawn Destiny 2's Tower Ball

Fans of the original Destiny may remember the Purple Ball you can play with, keeping it up in the air like a beach ball at a festival.

It returns in Destiny 2's Tower, and is the first step of a mini-game that allows you to spawn different colour balls, and eventually, a giant Tower-styled Ball.

How it works is you must move each Ball from its spawn point to a different goal within the Tower. Once it reaches its destination, fireworks will appear and the Ball will fade out, spawning the next colour back at the spawn point. Once you have done all four colours, the Tower ball will spawn.

Each Ball spawns in the same location - directly above from where you start. Use the slanted platform to your left from where you enter the social space, then jump off to the left, and you'll see it resting on some crates.

If this - or any other coloured Balls - aren't there (because another player took it or you nudged it off the map) it'll respawn again here soon.

Purple Ball: Facing the Traveller, you have to take this on this same level, on the far right side, where a giant circle is on the ground.

Green Ball: Facing the Traveller, this is behind the Eververse, down a small set of steps. On the corner of these steps going down is where the Ball needs to go.

Black Ball: Facing the Traveller, this needs to go on the upper most walkway behind and left of you. The easiest way to do this is by using the slanted platform to the left - the same one you use to get up, so knock the ball off in front then round and up - then go straight ahead to the very end.

Blue Ball: Facing the Traveller, it's straight ahead, in the middle of the walkway running across connecting to the two others. So hit the ball forward, along towards Vanguard Faction leader Zavalla, then right onto the walkway, then into the middle.

Once you have done all four, the Tower Ball will appear, along with a shower of fireworks in the sky.

The above can be particularly difficult if other players are getting in the way of you moving the Ball. Again, if it gets kicked off, then return to the spawn point and the Ball should appear shortly after.

It's also worth learning how far the Ball goes with each 'kick', allowing you to better judge the distance to land it directly in the areas you need it to go. If it travels too far, then consider nudging it to the side so you can hit it from a different and hopefully more successful angle.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Tower Secret Room

There are a lot of additional side room and journals to scan throughout the Tower, rewarding you for taking the time to explore, but there is one particular room that is out the way and worth visiting.

If you head to the Hangar, then go behind the Dead Orbit headquarters, you can take the stairs behind two levels up. Then, jump off the ledge to the right, onto some pipes, and across again into a ventilation area.

Watch on YouTube

Follow it through to the end to reach a secret room with an audio log to find involving Ana Bray - which seems to have something to do with SIVA, the enemy faction from Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion. Interesting, right?

If you're stuck finding the route, ShadowRock9's video above shows the exact location of where you need to go.

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