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Destiny 2 Kindling sources, event challenges and how to add Kindling explained

How to unlock and use Kindling in Destiny 2's latest event.

Destiny 2 Kindling is a resource introduced to Solstice 2022.

Alongside Silver Leaves and Silver Ash, this is used to upgrade your Candescent Armor to 'imbue' it with improved stats, and eventually, add a glow for a cosmetic flurish.

Kindling is earned through completing event challenges, so focusing on their various requirements will mean you can upgrade all the armour you need before the event ends.

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How to get Kindling and add Kindling to Candescent Armour

Kindling is a resource earned from completing event challenges during the Solstice 2022 event, where each completed challenge grants you one Kindling and one Event Ticket (which can be used to unlock items in the Event Pass).

Event challenges are unlocked by completing the 'Celebrating Solstice' quest, which is a tutorial to the Solstice event - taking you through the process of earning Silver Leaves, transforming them into Silver Ash, and learning how to apply these to Candescent Armor.

Only once you have completed this quest do you earn your first first Kindling, and can apply it to Candescent Armour.

To add Kindling to Candescent Armour, open the piece in question, then select the second to last mod slot. From there, select the Small Kindling node below, and spend the one Kindling. This allows you to then 'imbue' with Glowing Embers - in other words, improve its stats with Silver Ash.

This mod slot then changes to Large Kindling, requiring two more Kindling. Doing this 'imbues' with Shining Embers, allowing a further stat upgrade. You can then apply another three for it to be 'Fully Rekindled', adding a glow and the ability to upgrade a stat of your choice by +20.

Note that applying Kindling works across all armour of the same slot - meaning if you purchase another armour piece in that slot from Eva Levante, the Kindling upgrades will carry across.

For example, if you have fully upgraded a helmet with Large Kindling, all further helmet pieces during the event will also have Large Kindling ready to go.

Destiny 2 Kindling sources from event challenges

You can earn one Kindling per completed event challenge during the Solstice 2022 event.

Though playing Bonfire Bash is the focus, there are challenges for using Solar abilities, shotguns and hand cannons, and getting Silver Leaves from sources across the game.

Note you have to do this per class if you want to upgrade armour multiple types. The event challenges are as follows:

ChallengeHow to complete
Bashing SuccessComplete the Bonfire Bash activity (unlocks all other challenges).
Torch the TakenDefeat 20 Taken in the Bonfire Bash.
Good IgniteDefeat 20 Ignition Carriers in the Bonfire Bash.
Fuel for the FireStoke 50 flames in Bonfire Bash.
Ash TrayCollect 500 Silver Ash.
Fuel for the Fire IIStoke 100 flames in Bonfire Bash.
All around the BonfireComplete the Bonfire Bash activity against all races (Cabal x2, Hive x2, Fallen x2).
Fuel for the Fire IIIStoke 150 flames in Bonfire Bash.
Like WildfireDefeat targets anywhere in the system. Defeating Guardians awards bonus progress. (Also rewards Emblem.)
SuperlativeDefeat targets with Super abilities.
PyromaniaDefeat combatants with Solar abilities.
Fire PowerDefeat combatants or opposing Guardians with Power weapons.
Forged in FlameDefeat 100 opposing Guardians in any activity
Shotgun SolsticeDefeat targets with Shotguns.
Hand LighterDefeat targets with Hand Cannons.
Burn Them DownDefeat 60 bosses anywhere in the system.
Raking the CoalsComplete playlist activities to earn Silver Leaves.
LamplighterComplete 10 patrols on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
Solstice JubileeComplete public events on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
Dare to DreamComplete runs of the Blind Well or Dares of Eternity to earn Silver Leaves.
BrightfallComplete Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves.
A Spark in the DarkComplete Sever missions or rounds of Altars of Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves.
Fires of CompetitionComplete 25 matches in Crucible or Gambit playlists to earn Silver Leaves.
In the Hot SeatComplete activities within the Throne World to earn Silver Leaves.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Kindling max cap

As with all Destiny 2 resources, there is a limit to how much you can hold at any one time.

Kindling no different - the caps are as follows:

  • Kindling max cap: 99

Thanks to Testifye on reddit for confirming the above using API information

You can see how much Kindling you have in the relevant upgrade node for Candescent Armor.

Note that reaching this cap is technically impossible, as even if you earn Kindling from completing every event challenge per class, it won't reach 99 (24 challenges times three is 72).

This means, unlike Silver Leaves and Silver Ash, you can focus on earning Kindling without worrying about any exceeding the cap going to waste.

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