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Destiny 2 Silver Leaves farm recommendations, sources list and how to get Silver Ash explained

How to get your hands on the important Solstice resource.

Destiny 2's Silver Leaves are a resource introduced in Solstice 2022.

This can be sourced across the solar system, from matchmade playlists to certain patrol activities.

With the Silver Leaves you have collected, you can transform them into Silver Ash for upgrading Candescent Armour, or for purchasing new pieces from Eva Levante for new stat roll attempts.

By learning how to farm Silver Leaves effectively, you can maximise your returns from the event.

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How to get Silver Leaves and Silver Ash in Destiny 2

Silver Leaves and Silver Ash are linked resources during the Solstice 2022 event, where you earn Silver Leaves from activity completions, then turn Silver Leaves into Silver Ash by completing the Bonfire Bash activity.

With the amount of Silver Ash transformed depending on your progress during a Bonfire Bash session (the more times the bonfire is ignited, the more Silver Leaves are transformed) it's worth having as many Silver Leaves on you as possible to maximise your gains.

You'll earn five Silver Ash per single Silver Leaf transformed. As an example, if you ignite the bonfire 20 times (which is the maximum possible amount in a single session), you'll transform 20 Silver Leaves - granting you 100 Silver Ash.

So before you start a Bonfire Bash session, you should find some Silver Leaves. Silver Leaves are dropped upon completion of certain activities with Candescent Armor pieces equipped, from playlist activities through to planetary events. These include:

  • Strike matches
  • Crucible matches
  • Gambit matches
  • Vanguard Ops
  • Public events and patrol missions
  • Nightfall Strikes (more for Grandmaster Nightfall completions)
  • Witch Queen campaign missions
  • Blind Well (Dreaming City public event)
  • Altar of Sorrow (Moon public event)
  • Dares of Eternity (30th Anniversary activity)
  • Wellspring (The Witch Queen activity)
  • Sever missions (Season of the Haunted missions)

The amount of Silver Leaves you earn scales for activity type - public events and patrol missions are around one to three Silver Leaves, basic playlist activities grant around five Silver Leaves, Sever missions drop around seven and more challenging or longer activities are closer to 10-15.

At launch, a number of these sources were bugged - including Patrols, Dares of Eternity and Altar of Sorrow - but have no been fixed as of the event's second week.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Silver Leaves farm recommendations in Destiny 2

During the event's second week (from the rest of July 26th), Bungie patched out the previous fastest farm method, which involved completing The Witch Queen campaign's second mission, The Investigation. This 'cheese' required another Fireteam member and multiple classes to be most effective, and if you were curious to see how it worked, there are specifics from Cheese Forever on YouTube:

Cover image for YouTube videoInsane Fast Silver Leaves Farm & Vestiges of Dread - Silver Ash Solstice Event

With that no longer an option, what's the fastest now? Weighing up the above Silver Leaves sources and the length of time of each event, the best Silver Leaves farm appears to be Crucible matches and Heroic Public Events.

If you visit the EDZ's The Gulch and Winding Cove regions, not only are these Cabal Public Events quicker than most, but the clusters of enemies spawning in make for easy ways to tick off any weapon-related challenges and bounties.

Meanwhile, in the Crucible, Mayhem and Rumble matches in particular are the fastest modes to engage in.

A note to the above is that Solstice 2022 event challenges - which reward you with Kindling and Event Tickets - ask you to rotate through a variety of activities and destinations. So though the above farm is best if you want to get Silver Leaves quickly, if you want all available Kindling, then it's worth cycling through each one - meaning you tick off both resources at the same time.

And, as with all farming methods, working on activities which you most enjoy is better than slogging through events for the sake of it. Use the Kindling sources above as an excuse to focus on what you like best!

Silver Leaves and Silver Ash max caps

As with all Destiny 2 resources, there is a limit to how much you can hold at any one time.

Silver Leaves and Silver Ash are no different - the caps are as follows:

  • Silver Leaves max cap: 100
  • Silver Ash max cap: 500

You can see how many Silver Leaves you have in your inventory screen, while Silver Ash quantities are displayed in the relevant upgrade node for Candescent Armor.

Thanks to Testifye on reddit for confirming the above, which is based on API data.

This is particularly important as if you exceed the cap, you will no longer gain those resources. For example, players on reddit are already discovering the game will consume Silver Leaves even if you are at the Silver Ash cap.

If you are farming, then there is a risk you will reach these caps without realising - so be sure to regularly make use of them, ensuring that hard work doesn't go to waste.