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How to complete Hands off in Destiny 2

The optional Oryx challenge in King's Fall explained.

Hands off is one of several King's Fall challenges in Destiny 2.

Hands Off is particular to the final battle versus Oryx himself. For this challenge, teams will need to keep highly organized within the chaos, and pay attention to which Guardian kills which enemies.

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What is Hands Off in Destiny 2?

There is one rule in the Hands Off challenge: No guardian may kill the same Orge or Light Eater Knight twice.

There is no reset, this requirement is applied for the entire boss fight, and a single mistake will fail the challenge.

There is a lot going on during this boss fight, and keeping and keeping track of who killed what can be difficuly. It's worth it though, as successful completion will award two chests.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Tips for completing Hands Off in Destiny 2

The terms of the Hands of Challenge for the Oryx fight are simple: a Guardian may not kill the same Ogre or Light Eater knight twice. This is easy to accomplish by following a rotation similar to the Daughters of Oryx strategy.

Four players will be assigned plates. During the encounter an ogre will spawn near each one, and a Light Eater knight will appear on the opposite corner of the same end of the map. Only the player assigned to a plate may kill their Ogre and Knight. After the damage phase, have everyone rotate to take possession of a new plate, and responsibility for the Orge and Knight associated with it.

Floaters will need to be ready to step in if a plate holder is torn between dimensions and unable to kill their Ogre and Knight. Repeat this until Oryx falls, and the final potential weekly challenge is complete.

Floaters will need to coordinate with each other to make sure they don’t hold the same plate twice. If three damage phases are needed to kill Oryx it is possible both floaters will have filled in on the same plate, so each member of the fireteam must keep track of their own kills, and be ready to step in if this comes up.

Doing this well requires great communication. Players must call out when they are torn between dimensions, and floaters must fill in quickly. It is helpful to have floaters acting like captains, with the rest of the team following their lead. Floaters should announce when they are filling in to cover a Knight or Ogre, and call for help when they are filling on on the same platform for a second time.

If you want help elsewhere in the raid, see our full King's Fall guide, while our King's Fall challenge schedule lets you know when a specific trial will be highlighted.